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Looking for luck

One late spring afternoon, my tears fell again, a song without lyrics also made my soul dumbfounded.

Twelve years away in a foreign land, remember that day, she entered the university lecture hall still dreaming, joyful, not worrying too much about living life, only knowing that money poured into her account at the end of the month. , but it wants to go home, not stay here. Then time passed, four years after graduating from school, thinking there would be a job after coming home but no, that was the beginning of growing up. I kept messing around at home doing odd jobs, then looking forward to civil service exams, also took the exam a few times, went on my own but failed all the time. I was depressed, my family fell into debt again, and once again had a long trip with no return date.

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I struggled between the hustle and bustle of life. Remember that day in my pocket I had a million dong given to me by my mother. I do manual work, all day I can only spend no more than eight thousand dong. Then fate pushed me, I found an office job, called enough to support myself. The trips home are quick, I seem to be at home only on the traditional New Year days. At the beginning of 2019, my father passed away, then I got married so that he could rest in peace in the nine streams. I still have days of precarious work, don’t blame anyone, blame myself and “if only” again… If only I had tried to stay in the city from the beginning, if only I had strived a little more and If only life gave me a little luck…

After I got married, my job kept struggling, difficult, then the epidemic came and I lost my job. The most disappointing thing was that I didn’t know who to share it with. No matter how strong I am, there are times when I am very tired. Sometimes I just want life to smile at me a little, but it’s so difficult.


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