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Luk Van depicts the world of rich children through online movies

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 10:44 AM (GMT+7)

The female director admitted that she chose a difficult path when making web-drama content about the world of rich children.

On the evening of April 12, director Luk Van had a premiere to introduce a new web-drama titled “You’re the one I like”. The film has content about the world of “warm boys” of the rich, revolving around 3 characters: Phan Minh Long (played by Phu Thinh), Phan Bao Ngoc (played by Cindy Diem My) and Ton That Hoang (played by Soho Hoang Son). The characters are built on the observations of director Luk Van about the surrounding life, both with very real elements and fictions in her own point of view and perspective.

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Directed by Luk Van

Besides the love stories of young rich people, the beautiful stories about family and student age of the characters in the film also bring many meaningful and humane lessons that director Luk Van wants to convey. load. Director Luk Van said that genZ is a difficult topic because it has to be constantly updated with new trends and thoughts of young people, in addition, the part about the rich and super rich challenges her more.

“With this web-drama, I tailor my shoes, write the script and choose the characters from the actors I have in mind. Therefore, Phu Thinh is my choice for the male lead, and the actor. I always work with familiar actors because I think they understand me and have a certain chemistry, creating a fast, stable, effective working rhythm. I’m still looking for new actors, but only when I really need to. And I’m responsible for training, communicating and sharing carefully with them for the role I need, so I’m not just casting. because you want to advertise a movie, but you really need to”, Luk Van shared.

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The film has the participation of Tiko Tien Cong, Thien An, Phu Thinh…

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Ngoc Lan’s role also promises to bring a lot of fun to viewers

In addition to young actors, “You are the one I like” also has the participation of actress Ngoc Lan. According to Luk Van, Ngoc Lan almost did not accept the invitation to participate in the web-drama, but when she asked, the actress agreed because of the intimacy and attractiveness in the script. “Previously, Ngoc Lan acted in “My Royal Highness”. Ngoc Lan’s character in this web-drama also has many special details, fate, and develops more in part 2. Luk Van said.

“You Are The One I Like” airs at 7:30 p.m. every Wednesday from April 13 on the channel YouTube Mowo Chanel.

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