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My husband was disabled in an accident, I wanted to take care of him, but my grandfather’s house did not allow me to go back

April 13, 2022 10:46 GMT+7

I cried a lot when I had to make this cruel decision.

A month ago, my husband went out drinking with friends and had a very serious accident. He was hospitalized in critical condition, with a poor prognosis. Thanks to the dedication of the doctor, he overcame death but was disabled for the rest of his life.

When my husband’s health got better and we could talk, I asked him about the money he had spent 7 years at work, giving it to his wife to pay hospital bills. I took all my savings and borrowed 30 million from the outside, but I still lack a lot.

Seeing that her husband did not say anything, he closed his eyes as if he wanted to sleep again. His attitude makes me even more impatient, is he hiding something from me?

My husband works as a sales manager. For many years now, his job is very good. I heard him say that he earns 40 million a month. Every month, he only gives me 10 million for living expenses. The rest of the money he kept so that he would have more capital later to buy the land and open his own company.

I believe my husband will one day achieve his ambitions, so I can only stand behind to encourage and support and never ask for my husband’s private funds. This time my husband had a serious accident and was in dire need, so I had to ask for his own money.

It took 15 minutes of persuasion, and finally her husband told the truth. For the past few years, her father-in-law has been sick and ill, and as the eldest son, he cannot stand outside. The two sisters-in-law have difficulty in money, and my husband can’t bear to see them poor. So, in recent years, how much money I have made, my husband has brought it all to serve my grandfather’s house.

After listening to what my husband said, I was extremely frustrated, no matter what my husband brought home for his family, now I can’t take care of my illness.

When I calmed down, I called to ask my parents and two sisters-in-law about the money my husband had given me over the years, hoping they would give me a little bit to pay for the hospital bills. But no one refused to pay a dime, some people said that my husband gave them money, not loaned it, so they were not obligated to pay it back. As for my house, I have to take care of myself.

Right after my husband was discharged from the hospital, I took him straight to my grandfather’s house. I told him that for the past few years, whatever he made, he would bring it back to serve his grandfather’s house, now that he’s lying in one place, everyone has to be responsible. As for my current salary, it is only enough to pay off my debt and raise two children. I can’t take care of my husband anymore.

My grandmother told me that my husband was disabled and needed a wife and children by his side to encourage him, but I brought it back, it was too cruel. Do you think my job is too bad? Will the children understand me later?


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