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Nam Em is not as fiery as runner-up Ngoc Thao’s sister

Organizing Committee Miss World Vietnam officially announced the set of media debut photos of the Top 64 contestants of the National Final Round. After the first days of practice, the contestants confidently showed off their beauty in front of the camera. The well-invested hot bikini photos will help the contestants reveal their beauties from face to body.

Combining the luxury and modernity of the yacht with the dynamic and bright beauty of the contestants, the successful photo series conveys unlimited creative messages, true to the genZ spirit that the contestants as well as the contestants. Miss World Vietnam am 2022 spread in this contest season.

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Nam Em attracted great attention when suddenly appearing in the lineup of contestants Miss World Vietnam this year.

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However, when wearing a one-piece swimsuit, it seems that the beauty’s body is not as fiery as many other contestants.

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The beauty of Nguyen Le Trung Nguyen – runner-up Ngoc Thao’s sister.

195 dang tran thuy tien 2 1649759323310797586143

Dang Tran Thuy Tien also attracted the attention of the media when participating in this year’s contestants. Despite her strength of outstanding physique, what made her “storm” the media when confirming her participation in this beauty arena was an inspirational story that moved many people. Accordingly, Thuy Tien once discovered cancer and began to fight the evil disease. Although she contracted cancer at a relatively young age, instead of being depressed, she chose to face it with a strong and optimistic face. After more than 1 year of treatment, she announced that she had recovered from the disease at the end of 2020.

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Dang Tran Thuy Tien once appeared with a bald head, but that did not obscure her radiant and vibrant beauty.

208 luong hong xuan mai 1 16497593232491257276747

Luong Hong Xuan Mai – the girl was dubbed “the copy of Luong Thuy Linh” at this year’s contest.

It is known that during the time of carrying out companion activities in Thai Nguyen before the National Finals, the contestants had a lot of practice sessions with coach Anjo Santos and assistant Trixia. So, although there are contestants who are just getting used to taking photos and performing for the first time, they have always tried their best, improving themselves day by day to get the best photos.

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The contestants Miss World Vietnam 2022 is highly appreciated for beauty and knowledge. Many contestants who participated in major beauty contests and won high titles also returned to the racetrack. Besides, there are modern beauties with high knowledge, possessing many great academic achievements, many candidates know 2 foreign languages.

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