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New photos of the New York subway shooting suspect

City police New York (New York state, USA) is looking for a black man named Frank James, 62, identified as a suspect in a shooting on the subway in Brooklyn on the morning of April 12 (local time).

New photos of the New York subway shooting suspect - photo 1

New images of the suspect in the shooting

New york city police department

The man’s whereabouts are still unknown. Based on the results of the preliminary investigation, the police discovered that at the morning rush hour on April 12, the suspect was up the subway at Kings Highway station. When the train stopped between stations 59 and 36, the man put on a mask and threw smoke bombs and opened fire on people traveling on the train.

Investigators say 10 people were hit and at least 23 injured amid the chaos.

CBS2 quoted sources as saying the situation could have been worse. Police found a jammed gun and several other weapons inside a discarded bag at the scene.

Panic scene in the shooting shooting of 10 people in New York train station

While the suspect fired a total of 33 shots and threw smoke bombs, fortunately no victims were seriously injured. After receiving treatment at local hospitals, many people were released by doctors.

Investigators are still trying to figure out the motive for the crime. Above social networksuspect James once mentioned homelessness, about the city New York and about the city’s Mayor Eric Adams.

For safety reasons, the police have increased protection of the mayor. However, investigators believe it may be a single shooting and may temporarily be unrelated to terrorism.

The attack has stirred new questions about the safety of using the subway. During quarantine because Covid-19 diseaseMayor Adams said he did not rule out introducing new measures to increase security, such as installing metal detectors at train stations.

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