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Project 61 Tran Phu: Building high-rise buildings is breaking the landscape of Ba Dinh

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 07:19 AM (GMT+7)

According to the architect, placing a floating 11-storey building with six basements in the center of Ba Dinh will put pressure on the traffic infrastructure, disrupting the general landscape of the area.

Regarding project 61 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, recently, Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Economics of Hanoi Nguyen Trong Ky Anh said that this was originally an industrial project built by the French. Architecture, structure nothing special. According to Mr. Anh, the work is not on the “List of other architectural works built before 1954 that need to focus resources to preserve and promote cultural values” issued together with Resolution 24/2013 of the People’s Council. Hanoi City.

The project is not in the conservation category

Leaders of the Department of Planning and Economics of Hanoi affirmed that the relocation of the factory at 61 Tran Phu from the inner city center to build a multi-purpose project with the above-mentioned architectural planning criteria is in accordance with the orientation approved by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. approved by the Prime Minister and reviewed and approved by the competent authority. The scale of the work does not affect the architectural landscape of Ba Dinh center.

However, according to documents just published by the National Archives Center I, the old factory was built by the French at 61 Tran Phu in the 1920s of the 19th century. The work is 100 years old with historical imprints. special history and before being demolished, this is one of the rare old French works that still retains its intact appearance.

Sharing about this architecture, architect Pham Thanh Tung, Chief of Office of the Vietnam Association of Architects, said that when designing this project, the French carefully calculated the road conditions and architectural landscape. around. “On four sides of the street, they built two-story houses, where offices are located. In the middle of the lot is a warehouse and a factory. This architecture makes an industrial building in the central area quite isolated and does not affect the surrounding space “- Architect Tung said.

According to Architect Tung, the old factory at 61 Tran Phu with 100 years old has special significance, being a witness to the development of Hanoi. Besides, it also has historical significance when the factory wall has a bas-relief (on the side of Nguyen Thai Hoc – Le Truc intersection) honoring the victory of the capital’s army and people in shooting down the American plane. These are cultural and historical values ​​that, once destroyed, cannot be regained.

Project 61 Tran Phu: Building a building is breaking the landscape of Ba Dinh - 1

The 100-year-old factory at 61 Tran Phu is being demolished unfinished. Photo: TRUNG PHU

Breaking the architecture and landscape of the area

According to Architect Tung, the construction of an 11-storey, six-basement building at 61 Tran Phu will disrupt the landscape, architecture and put pressure on the traffic infrastructure around the Ba Dinh political center.

Specifically, the land lot that the project is about to deploy with four fronts is Nguyen Thai Hoc, Le Truc, Tran Phu, Hung Vuong streets. This is where the country’s major political events often take place. At the same time, this place is also adjacent to Hang Day stadium, stations of urban railway lines Cat Linh – Ha Dong, Nhon – Hanoi station. Therefore, the traffic density is very high, if a project of 11 floors and six basements is placed in this area, it will inevitably lead to traffic conflicts and cause congestion.

In terms of architecture and landscape, architect Tung said that around this area, there are low-rise buildings, tile roofs, yellow painted walls, typical of ancient French architecture such as the Ministry of Justice building, Saint Paul Hospital, the houses. French villa garden (embassies of other countries…). Further away is the working headquarters of central agencies, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Especially the National Assembly House, which shows the power of the people…

“Every city is a chain connecting the past, present and future. Ba Dinh center is extremely important, so each planning project must rely on the existing landscape, not break that landscape “- Architect Tung said and suggested that this land plot should be reserved for construction projects. public areas such as parks, planting trees to ensure the landscape for the area.

The Chief of Office of the Vietnam Association of Architects also shared that the project at 61 Tran Phu has a similar story to the Thuong Thu Palace in Ho Chi Minh City because they were all required to be demolished because they were not on the list of cultural and heritage works. need to be preserved. However, Thuong Thu Palace has a luckier fate because leaders of Ho Chi Minh City have listened to scientists, intellectuals and public opinion to keep embellishing this work, while area 61 Tran Phu is being demolished. was recently asked to suspend demolition.

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