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Putin said he was given documents by the President of Belarus to expose the truth about the Bucha case

Speaking on April 12 during a visit to the Vostochny spaceport in the Far East, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had been handed documents by his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko to expose the truth about the “staged incident” ” in Bucha (Ukraine).

These documents, according to Putin, help answer the question “who got to Bucha and how, using what means” to “facilitate the conduct of provocations”.

Mr. Putin said that the Bucha scenario resembles the commonly made accusations of “chemical weapons being used in Syria”.

“I often talk with the leaders of Western countries. When they mentioned the Bucha incident, I asked if they had been to Raqqa (Syria), had seen this city destroyed by American planes? There, in fact, many bodies were buried and decomposed under the rubble after many months. Nobody cares about these people, nobody even notices,” Putin said.

The “mass murder of civilians in Bucha”, as described by Kiev, was denounced by Russia as a staged scenario aimed at slandering Moscow. The Russian Defense Ministry said that its troops left Bucha (in the Kiev region) on March 30. While “evidence of the crime” appeared only 4 days later. Moscow confirmed that Ukrainian forces shelled Bucha after Russia withdrew.

In his speech, the Russian President also thanked the President of Belarus for his active participation in arranging the first peace talks between Kiev and Moscow. Putin stressed that “Russia was able to start direct dialogue with Ukraine in no small part thanks to Lukashenko’s efforts.” In the eyes of the Russian leader, Belarus “is a suitable location for future contacts between Kiev and Moscow”.

Putin added that Kiev had turned its back on the agreements reached by the two sides in Istanbul (Turkey), causing the negotiations to come to an impasse. He criticized Ukraine’s inconsistency in the negotiations, saying it was complicating the peace process.

Putin affirmed that until the parties sign the final agreement, the military operation in Ukraine will not stop, unless the Russian side achieves its goals.

The Russian president also emphasized that Moscow wants to achieve all the objectives of the operation, while keeping losses to a minimum. To do that, Russia will act “calmly” and according to the original plan.

On April 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Amur region (Russian Far East) to meet with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

According to Reuters, the two leaders visited the Vostochny spaceport. After the visit, President Putin and Mr. Lukashenko will hold talks and hold a joint press conference. The talks are expected to focus on Ukraine, Russia-Belarus integration and the two countries’ response to Western sanctions.

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