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Securities Commission: Investors need to be alert to fake news, rumors

Head of Development Department stock market, State Securities CommitteeMs. Ta Thanh Binh has just talked to the press about fake news and rumors on the stock market, and at the same time made a comment on market movements in the coming time.

According to Ms. Ta Thanh Binh, the stock market has been volatile in recent sessions. Besides the cautious psychological factor, many investors are being significantly affected by fake news and rumors on forums and social networking groups.

The regulatory agency affirmed that the fundamental factors supporting the market are still positive, investors need to be alert to fake news and rumors. At the same time, it will coordinate with functional agencies to strictly handle those who spread and spread fake news.

The Prime Minister has consecutively sent 2 public messages; in which, has directed many measures to ensure the stock market, corporate bond market operates stably, healthy, transparent, safe and sustainable development.

As for the regulatory agency, the Ministry of Finance is also very interested in and strongly directs the State Securities Commission and functional units in enhancing the stable and healthy development of the stock market.

Recently, a series of violations have also been strictly handled by the management agencies. Typically, the competent authorities have prosecuted, arrested and detained many subjects for manipulating the stock market, or making mistakes in issuing individual corporate bonds.

“The drastic directions and actions of the Government, the Ministry of Finance, competent authorities and regulatory agencies, we believe, will create favorable conditions for the stock market to develop in a healthy and sustainable manner. more stable in the future,” said the Securities Market Development Department, State Securities Commission, Ms. Ta Thanh Binh.

Binh also recommended that investors should calm down, analyze and carefully evaluate the global and domestic macro situation, as well as the production and business situation of each enterprise.

Vietnam’s stock market in 2022 is still evaluated positively, therefore, investors should choose stocks with good fundamentals, benefit from the economic recovery process, avoid investing in trends, high-risk speculation.

In addition, in the context of many fake news and rumors like recently, investors need to closely monitor information at official information sources to avoid unwanted psychological impact leading to mistakes. in investment, the Director of the Securities Market Development Department, the State Securities Commission, Ms. Ta Thanh Binh warned.

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