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Serious complications after filler injection for rhinoplasty

HanoiAfter injecting filler for rhinoplasty at a spa, the 47-year-old woman suffered from dizziness, convulsions, swollen left eye and could not see anything.

She is being treated at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, is awake but sometimes has headaches, fatigue, can’t talk, forehead area still has dark patches, left eye movement is poor. Doctor Nguyen Hong Ha, Head of Plastic and Facial Plastic Surgery Department, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, said that the patient had a stroke right after filler injection was hospitalized on April 2, the entire nose and forehead area was pale. , the most serious complication is the left eye swollen, congested, unable to move. She had convulsions, headaches, suspected blockage of cerebral arteries, eyes and blood vessels supplying the skin of the nose and forehead, requiring emergency treatment with many combined measures.

After 10 days, the woman’s left eye still has not restored vision, only sensing light when illuminated. The skin is purple on the forehead, the nose gradually whitens, and the necrotic area is small. Doctor Ha said that the current results “are very lucky”. Every year, the world records hundreds of cases of eye complications due to filler injection, but only 4 cases of vision are restored, including 2 cases in Vietnam.

Damaged forehead and left eye of a female patient treated at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, April 12.  Photo: Minh Nhan

Patient being treated at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, on April 12, his forehead and left eye were damaged. Image: Minh Nhan

Recently, the hospital regularly receives cosmetic complications, according to Dr. Ha. There are also complications of infection after surgery or bleeding during breast augmentation surgery, buttock augmentation… The group of people who experience complications are usually middle-aged and have family conditions. Meanwhile, in previous years, the hospital mainly accepted young women, without economic conditions or cheap beauty treatments.

According to Dr. Ha, some beauty services seem small and simple but are actually very dangerous. For example, by injecting filler to lift the nose, the person performing the procedure may inject the blood vessels that supply the nose and forehead, which connect to the brain and can cause brain damage, like the patient above. Meanwhile, some people performing the procedure are not trained in vascular location, try to inject quickly and squeeze the nose after injection, causing the filler to overflow into the artery. The pressure in the blood vessels pushes these substances deeper into the brain or eye arteries, causing convulsions and cerebral embolism, paralysis of the limbs, coma.

The state of cosmetic accidents in illegal establishments, spas without cosmetic functions has been warned by many doctors but still occurs. Doctors recommend that people with aesthetic needs understand that spas only have skin care functions and perform non-invasive procedures through the skin. Facial procedures such as filler injection, rhinoplasty, plastic surgery… need to be performed at a licensed clinic, the surgeon must have a practicing certificate, fillers such as filler, botox must be licensed by the Ministry of Health.


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