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The easiest way to preserve spices

Prepare materials

  • 1. Fresh herbs need to be frozen
  • 2. Silicone ice tray, optional cooking oil (olive oil is recommended)

In any of your favorite recipes, there will come a time when varieties are needed Herb make seasoning. Each seasoning only needs just the right amount, a little preparation takes time, but a lot is not used up. Therefore, it is necessary to make frozen spices and store them for use gradually. Proper freezing helps preserve vegetables for a long time while still having a fresh taste.

There are many people who like to plant pots savory around your kitchen or garden. But there is not always time to pick herbs, wash them and use them. The recipe of frozen vegetables can also be combined with other spices to make the dishes more delicious and rounder.

herb seasoning

There are many kinds of vegetables Spice can be frozen for later use. Such as onions, coriander, Chinese coriander, basil, rosemary, …

The easiest way to preserve spices

Step 1

Rinse all herbs that need frozen storage. Drain and pat dry with paper or towel.

herb seasoning

Chop the spices to the size you usually use for cooking.

Place these chopped herbs in the small squares in the silicone ice mold. Do not fill the ice box with spices, just fill it 2/3 full. If using a plastic ice tray, you need to spend extra effort when you have to lined with a layer of nylon or food wrap. Because when frozen, using a plastic tray will be difficult to get. Even the tray will crack.

herb seasoning

Use a silicone tray to easily get the seasoning balls when frozen. In addition, this tray is also easier to clean.

Step 2

Pour cooking oil into the ice trays. You can use olive oil or avocado oil. Fill medium, do not overfill. As long as the oil covers enough of the chopped herbs in each box.

herb seasoning

For spices used for cooking, you can add oil. If used to decorate dishes or make cocktails or salads, you can pour water to freeze.

Step 3

Refrigerate the ice tray completely for at least 3 to 4 hours.

herb seasoning

Then, transfer the frozen spice balls to a zip bag. The silicone ice tray is washable for subsequent batches.

herb seasoning

When cooking, simply place the spice ball in the preheated pan. And make the recipe as usual.

herb seasoning

The way to preserve spices with oil is very convenient and quick. When used for cooking, it still retains its fresh taste. Not only that, this freezing method can apply many types of herbs to help you save time and effort.

Wishing you success in preserving vegetables and spices!


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