The girl for more than two years abstain from shampoo

Angelina Nicolle hasn’t used shampoo for about two and a half years, instead she uses conditioner and hair products every day.

Angelina has naturally curly hair but rarely gets tangled up because she uses conditioner every day. After evenly applying conditioner to the hair, the owner of Tik Tok channel with more than 23,000 followers will use a silicone comb to massage instead of scratching with his hands, then rinse his hair thoroughly. During the week, Angelina uses a hair mask once or twice, each time incubating for 5-10 minutes.

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Angelina Nicolle is very satisfied with the results she received after more than two years of not using shampoo.

Normally, she rarely uses heat to dry or style her hair: “I use a soft towel to dry my hair after getting out of the shower, then I let it dry naturally. I do not expose my hair to high heat. I have an electric curling comb, but only for special occasions“.

While her hair is still damp, Angelina applies a curling cream and gently squeezes it with the palm of her hand to penetrate the curls. Finally, she sprayed a thin layer of sea salt spray, which works to create volume, making hair look bouncy and thicker.

Angelina said that since she gave up shampoo, she applied the method care This time her hair became healthier and more beautiful and not as sticky as people thought.

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Angelina currently has a main job as a nutritionist, fitness blogger.

In the past few years, the no-poo method to protect the hair from chemical detergents and help the hair balance itself and regulate excess oil secretion has been advocated by many people. Industrial shampoos often contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Methylparaben, Lauramide DEA, Propylparaben… so long-term use can cause skin irritation and endocrine effects.

Experts recommend limiting the use of shampoo too many times a week. Twice a week frequency is considered moderate, does not affect health. In addition, organic shampoo with natural ingredients such as locust, grapefruit peel, coconut oil… is also an ideal way to protect the scalp and hair.

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