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The number of COVID-19 cases in Shanghai will remain high in the coming days

Mr. Lei Zhenglong, official of the National Health Commission China The epidemic is in a phase of rapid growth. Community transmission has not been effectively controlled. It is forecasted that in the next few days, the number of infected people will remain high.

Shanghai from this week easing the blockade and apply the method of classifying the area according to three levels of risk. However, Li said, Shanghai needs to prepare enough food and medicine for people in areas still under blockade.

Previously, on April 9, the leader of Shanghai (China) acknowledged that there were still many problems in providing food and essential items to people during the implementation of the blockade because of COVID-19. -19.

Figures released on April 9 showed that Shanghai, the current epicenter of China’s COVID-19 outbreak, continued to report the number of new positive cases increasing for the 8th day in a row with more than 23,600 cases out of a total of more than 23,600. 25,000 cases of indigenous diseases across the country. Up to now, this city has had to use more than 100 field hospitals with over 160,000 beds.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Shanghai will remain high in the coming days - Photo 1.

Shanghai’s largest field hospital, renovated from the National Convention and Exhibition Center, was put into use on April 9 with 50,000 beds. (Photo: Xinhua News Agency)

With the epidemic situation showing no signs of improvement, Shanghai has not changed its anti-epidemic strategy. The city government said it will continue to carry out a new batch of mass testing and only relax some travel restrictions on the premises of residential areas without F0.

Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Tong Minh said that now is the “most pivotal moment” in disease control, so the anti-epidemic work cannot be relaxed. She praised the public’s support and the contributions of frontline medical workers, and acknowledged the government’s shortcomings: “We sympathize with the issues that people reflect and speak up about. Very a lot of our work is still not good enough and is far from everyone’s expectations. We will definitely try our best to improve.”

As the blockade in Shanghai lasted longer than expected, in some places for more than a month, many residents complained of food shortages due to a lack of delivery staff and it was unclear when the blockade order would end.

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