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The owner of the villa died of asphyxiation

Quang Ninh Provincial Police on April 13 official information about fire in the city. Cam Pha makes one person died.

Accordingly, around 12:27 ‘ On April 12, Quang Ninh Provincial Police received a fire alarm at the house of Mr. D.XH, 47 years old, group 7, Diem Thuy area, Cam Binh ward, City. Cam Pha.

Receiving news, Quang Ninh Provincial PoliceDirects the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department, the Provincial Police and the City Police. Cam Pha urgently mobilized 50 officers and soldiers and 5 vehicles, coordinated with Cam Pha Thermal Power Company, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company to participate in fighting fires and saving victims in the house.

At 11 a.m. on the same day, the authorities basically controlled and extinguished the fire and took the injured NTH, 46 years old, the wife of Mr. H., to the emergency room at the City General Hospital. Cam Pha. However, at 13:00, the victim died at the hospital.

Talking to us, leaders of the City General Hospital. Cam Pha said the victim died outside the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, the victim had no pulse and blood pressure.

The fire occurred at the villa in Cam Binh ward, black smoke was rising high (Photo cut from the clip)

Quang Ninh Provincial Police direct the Investigation Police Department – Provincial Public Security, City Police. Cam Pha coordinated with the Provincial People’s Procuracy and other functional agencies to organize the scene examination and autopsy.

The results of the initial investigation determined the cause of the fire due to the incident short-circuitMs. H. died from asphyxiation.

Currently, the authorities are continuing to investigate the case.

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The fire at the villa left the female owner tragically dead

Quang Ninh Provincial Police warned that there have been many house fires in recent years, causing loss of life and property. To ensure fire safety, families need to actively learn to have basic knowledge and skills about fire prevention and fighting; urge and remind family members to comply with the provisions of the law on fire prevention and fighting and master basic knowledge of fire prevention and fighting, escape, rescue people in fires, and provide first aid.

– Do not arrange items to cover or obstruct the escape route.

– Do not install billboards, iron cages, iron nets on balconies.

– The roof terrace and roof need to be well-ventilated and have a way up from the lower floor to the roof, separate from the living and living places.

– Arrange items, goods and combustible materials in a neat and orderly manner, away from sources of fire and heat.

– Safely manage and use fire and heat sources, do not leave flammable goods and substances near the cooking place.

– Regularly check, repair and replace damaged or unsafe electrical equipment.

– Prepare tools and means for fire fighting and escape when a fire occurs and disseminate instructions to family members to know about escape routes when there is an incident.

According to Quang Ninh Provincial Police, people when detecting fire or explosion should notify the authorities as soon as possible at phone number 114. Absolutely do not go back to the fire area to get documents, gold coins, utensils… because smoke, toxic gas, and fire spread very quickly, so you must find a way to escape to a safe place as quickly as possible.

In the process of moving through the fire, people should cover their mouth and nose with wet towels and crouch to avoid the risk of smoke inhalation, follow the wall and move to a safe place. Absolutely do not hide in the closet, toilet, in case there is no other way out, use a wet blanket, cover your body, try to escape through the fire as quickly as possible.

In case the exit and escape route is contaminated with smoke or fire but cannot escape from the room to the outside by the stairs or the main door; People quickly use cloth towels and adhesive tape to insert and seal the door slot to prevent smoke and toxic gas from entering the room, move to the balcony to signal the fire department to support timely rescue. dap-lua-20220413183827698.chn

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