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The truth that few people know after the ‘land market’ sessions

Recently, a series of land fevers have occurred in many localities. Every time the land is feverish, I see people crowded, jostling, even fighting for plots of land with beautiful locations. They ask questions, bid, bargain and put down money like buying vegetables and fish.

However, besides the few customers with real needs and real purchases, most of the remaining people who attended this “land market” session were brokers, relatives, brokers’ relatives and land owners who were pulled over. to act as a mass actor, creating a crowded and bustling atmosphere, making many people think that the land in this area is feverish because many people are interested.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thu Trang, a longtime “earth stork” in Phu Cat (Quoc Oai, Hanoi), the landowner, whenever there is an interested guest, will call 2-3 relatives to jump in and stage the scene of the fight. buy a plot of land. Even, they continuously bid to high prices so that real buyers race to follow them.

When it comes to a satisfactory price, the owner of the land will appear and announce that there are 3-4 people who want to buy the land, so to buy the land, the parties have to negotiate with each other. At this point, the broker will tell the customer to really try to pay another 50 million dong, they will talk to the owner privately to make a deposit.

The truth that few people know after the

Many scenarios are pre-built behind the land fever. (Artwork: VNN)

So instead of the initial price offered, after the parties sat down to “auction” it increased by several million VND/m2. At the end of the curtain, the acquaintances of the landowner withdrew, and the real buyer “trapped” to buy high-priced land without knowing it. Even seeing that a lot of people are interested in the land plot, when they can buy it, customers are also happy because they think that buying and selling will make a profit immediately.

Brokerage objects also have collusion tactics, shaking hands to “blow up” the price. They often mobilize hundreds of people to line up, even pretend to squeeze, to create a bustling scene at auction, house and land transactions.

Even, every time a customer comes to the transaction office, the brokers will inform others to act like real customers. In case the customer is still hesitant, the person who plays the role of the buyer will immediately go through the procedures to down the deposit, pay higher than the real customer to create trust and create fake excitement.

Another common tactic used by real estate agents is spreading rumors. For example, this area is about to have Group A or Group B come to build a big project. In many cases, on social networks, fake documents are also circulated, proposing to research and set up business projects. Therefore, the price of land in this area was suddenly “blown” up.

Not only at spontaneous land markets, at many land auctions, many tricks to push land prices are also used by brokers.

Nguyen Van Hai, a long-time real estate broker in Hanoi, said that when knowing information about a land plot about to be auctioned, speculators will gather plots of land located nearby to make the market in that area become more attractive. should be “hot”. At the same time, the group will continue to post on buying and selling groups real estate same crowded image of sellers.

When they have gathered enough land fund and continuously posted information on real estate websites and social networking groups, the speculative group submits a large number of documents to attend the land auction and just waits for the auction day. price.

In the auction, this group will pay higher than the market to buy as much as possible to sell the difference. In particular, some plots of land in better locations such as corner lots and major roads will be paid high, even 3-4 times higher than the starting price. This is also the purpose of the group to show people present at the auction that the land in this area is highly valued.

At the end of the auction, combine with the previous group of land storks to compete to buy in order to create the effect of high liquidity and valuable land. At this time, the unsuccessful bidders will buy back the winning plots of this group with the difference of 200-300 million VND. However, the plots of land around the auction site that the speculators had previously purchased will begin to sell at a cheaper price than the land at the auction site. This is the guise of “summarizing buyers” of speculators, whether buyers buy at the auction area or outside the area, they are all their land and they gain a lot of profit.

The land plots are paid 2-3 times higher than the market, if they can’t immediately transfer to others, the group will be willing to put down the deposit because they only deposit from 100-200 million VND for each plot of land, completely not worth it. with the profits they gain from the above guise.

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