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The world’s first all-electric racing boat

ItalyThe prototype RaceBird, an electric racing boat weighing about 800 kg with a top speed of more than 90 km/h, was tested on the river for the first time.

The world's first all-electric racing boat

RaceBird boat trials on the Po River. Video: E1 Series

The prototype electric racing boat RaceBird completes its first test ride on the Po River, near San Nazzaro, northern Italy, Mail on 11/4 reported. This one-man boat is piloted by former motorboat champion Luca Ferrari.

After completing its maiden test ride, RaceBird is expected to participate in the E1 Series, the world’s first electric sailing championship, in spring 2023. “We are pleased to announce that RaceBird has surfaced. The electrical revolution has officially hit the water with the world’s first all-electric racing boat,” the E1 Series announced on Twitter.

RaceBird was developed by Norwegian designer Sophi Horne. The boat weighs about 800 kg, is 7 m long and 2 m wide. The driver will sit in a closed cockpit to control the boat with a range of 93 km, a 150 kW electric motor with a maximum speed of 93 km / h. Hydrofoil technology lifts the boat about 40cm above the water, reducing drag and significantly increasing speed.

RaceBird will fly more than float, according to the E1 Series. “RaceBird is specially designed for racing and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 93 km/h. Riders will show off their skills by running on nearshore tracks in the heart of urban areas. market,” said the E1 Series.

During testing on the Po River, engineers conducted a number of technical and system tests to evaluate the performance and reliability of the RaceBird. They also saw the test as an opportunity to test many elements of E1 racing, including automatic float testing, corners and camera placement. Further tests are expected to take place over the next few weeks, focusing on data collection on the hydrofoil and the handling of the RaceBird in various racing conditions.

While the E1 Series world championship is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2023, the development team insists interested people won’t have to wait that long to see RaceBird in action. “The first public performance will be announced soon,” they said.

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