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Ukrainian soldiers preparing to go to Britain to learn how to use armored vehicles

British Deputy Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said a total of 120 armored vehicles for the Ukrainian army are ready to be delivered, and Ukrainian soldiers will come to Britain this week to learn how to use them.

Ukrainian soldiers are about to come to Britain to learn how to use armored vehicles - photo 1

Ukrainian soldiers trained in the use of Starstreak man-portable anti-aircraft missiles in the British Isles


Mr. Heappey confirmed that Britain stepped up its support for the Ukrainian army. Britain has helped train the Ukrainian army since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Heappey added: “We are sending more man-portable anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft missiles, as well as new lines of suicide attack drones. And like the Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) said over the weekend Britain was also sending anti-ship weapons to Ukraine.

It is not clear how many Ukrainian troops will arrive in the UK. Mr. Heappey only said that the UK would provide 120 armored vehicles to Ukraine and that the soldiers in charge of the operation of Ukraine would go to the UK to learn how to use it.

British official said Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be looking to push the completion of the campaign military in eastern Ukraine before Moscow celebrates the 9 May victory over Nazi Germany. Heappey said that the victory was necessary for Russia to improve its ability to win against Ukraine.

Assumption of the new Russian combat scenario

The terrain in Ukraine meant that Russian armored convoys were forced to move on roads, making them easy targets for Ukrainian troops, Heappey added.

Information that Ukrainian soldiers were about to go to Britain for training was announced at a time when London authorities were trying to confirm the allegations that Russian soldiers may have used chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Sheet The Guardian April 12 quoted Ukrainian forces entrenched Mariupol reported that Russia used a form of poison of unknown origin in the Ukrainian port city. However, this newspaper said that after 24 hours, there is still no evidence to confirm this information.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss was one of the first Western politicians to voice concerns about the allegations.

“The use of chemical weapons is off-limits, and all options are being considered by us,” Heappey said. Asked if that meant NATO would be directly involved in the Ukraine war, the British deputy continued to repeat to the BBC: “We are considering all possible options.”

Will Germany deliver tanks to Ukraine?

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have denied using chemical weapons in Mariupol. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that any statements made by Ukrainian forces should be checked and compared.

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