Very creative driver makes passersby sympathize

The small act of the new driver has received sympathy from other road users.

For new drivers, especially female when joining traffic, encountering a crowded road and being honked by other cars is often easy to panic. This leads to incorrect handling of situations, which can easily cause accidents.

With that mentality, many people have come up with the idea of ​​​​sticking a warning on the rear of the car so that people behind can easily recognize that the driver in the car is a new driver, thereby sympathetically giving way or not honking loudly.

Recently, on social networks has just spread a clip recording the moment a white car moves on the road. When he heard the car behind honking, the white car driver quickly opened the trunk to reveal the words: “New driver apologizes. Don’t blame me”

The clip above quickly received the attention of the online community. Below the comments section, most of the comments expressed their excitement at the creativity of the car owner when participating in traffic, both civilized and extremely creative.

Innovative new driving makes passersby sympathize, no one dares to honk-1
It seems that the words on this A4 paper are too small, not enough to convince passersby.

Innovative new driving makes passersby sympathize, no one dares to honk-2
Therefore, the new driver still has the words “New driver sorry. Don’t rush to blame me”.

Here are some comments from netizens:

“This driver is so cute! Gives a warning signal in a very cute way. If you see me like this, definitely don’t honk”

“Take advantage of cleverly showing off the technology on the car, opening the trunk with electricity”

“When going out on the road, drivers are most afraid of driving, giving a signal like this, the next person will know the way to avoid. 10 points for the creativity of this driver.

Driving is a skill that must be constantly honed. Before becoming a “hard driver”, everyone has new and confused days.

Therefore, giving a “new driving” signal to other road users is also a necessary action to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

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