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VN-Index suddenly reversed, skyrocketed nearly 22 points

After yesterday’s strong selling session, the market recovered early this morning. However, the continuous uptrends were hindered by selling pressure, causing the gain margin to narrow.

At 9:50 a.m., VN-Index increased by 4.16 points (0.29%) to 1,459.41 points. In the middle of the session, VN-Index turned red when the supply increased strongly. The efforts of the banking, chemical, and telecom groups were not enough to cope with the adjustment pressure from industry groups such as real estate, construction, steel…

At 10:40 am, VN-Index decreased by 1.58 points (0.11%) to 1,453.67 points. At the end of the morning session, VN-Index regained the green color thanks to the recovery efforts of large-cap groups in the VN30 basket.

Pausing the morning session, VN-Index increased slightly by 3.77 points (0.26%) to 1,459.02 points. While HNX-Index down 2.17 points (0.52%) to 418.84 points and UPCoM-Index decreased by 0.63 points (0.56%) to 111.9 points.

In the afternoon session, the gaining momentum of the indexes was suddenly consolidated when a series of large stocks received strong demand. In which, TPB increased by 5%, BVH increased by 4.8%, FPT increased by 4%, GVR increased by 3.3%, VRE increased by 2.1%…

VN-Index suddenly reversed, skyrocketed nearly 22 points - 1

VN-Index soared nearly 22 points. (Illustrated image)

At 13:57, VN-Index increased by 16.87 points (1.16%) to 1,472.12 points. Notably, many small and medium-cap codes that were sold strongly in the morning also recovered. FLC ecosystem stocks hit the floor, even KLF hit the ceiling price by 8.3%.

At the end of the session, VN-Index jumped to 21.95 points (1.51%) to the highest level of the day at 1,477.2 points. On the HoSE, there were 331 gainers, 126 losers and 47 unchanged stocks.

The biggest contributor to the index was GVR of Rubber Group when it broke through 4.5% to 34,500 dong. Next was FPT up 4.8% to 115,100 dong and VIC up 1.1% to 82,200 dong.

On the HNX, HNX-Index also reversed to increase by 6.44 points (1.53%) to reach 427.45 points and UPCoM-Index increased by 0.68% to 113.3 points.

However, the liquidity of the whole market was still low with a trading value of 3 exchanges reaching VND 25,000 billion.

Foreign investors bought 2,501 billion and sold 1,077 billion, equivalent to a very strong net buying of 1,424 billion dong.

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