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3 types of trees have the meaning of prosperity, every house should have 1 tree on the altar of the God of Fortune

In Vietnamese culture for thousands of generations, worshiping ancestors and Buddha gods is a very sacred thing. Many people, in order to have a beautiful altar and want to increase the prosperity of the house, often choose to offer flowers such as chrysanthemums, lilies, lotuses, etc.

However, some people choose ornamental plants for display. For example, the 3 plants below are representative of money luck, many homes like to put them on the table.

Fortune tree

3 kinds of meaningful trees

The tree is also known as the natural tree. Like its name suggests, the green tree on this altar can bring a lot of fortune. The appearance of the tree is also very eye-catching and full of life with thick, glossy, red-pink leaves that mean auspicious, the tree grows straight, the canopy is round, helping to cool the altar, and at the same time increase the solemnity and beauty. feng shui meaning.

Placing a small pot on the altar helps the owner to have good luck in life and work, and banishes bad luck. Especially when the plant blooms, it signals a good change in life.

King Tree

3 kinds of meaningful trees

There are two types of betel nut green emperor and red emperor betel nut. The emperor tree is quite ideal for making a feng shui tree placed on the altar with its eye-catching appearance and elegant green color. The tree is known to symbolize strength, power, the will to advance in career, bring prosperity and wealth, so it is suitable as a feng shui tree for the altar of the god of wealth.

In addition, the king tree also brings peace to family members. With the right climate, not direct sunlight, enough water, the plant quickly grows.

Fortune tree

If you still don’t know what tree to put on the altar, don’t hesitate to choose a fortune tree, otherwise known as a bamboo tree. The tree is placed next to the altar of the God of Fortune, the altar of the ancestors is easy to take care of and grows quickly.

The tree placed on the altar of Buddha or the altar of ancestors is very beautiful, can bring a lot of luck to the family. People not only plant a tree to promote the altar, but also place it in the East or Southeast direction of the house (Moc direction) to help increase fortune.

Our people have a view of planting a tree of prosperity for the altar with 3 branches to wish for happiness, 5 branches for health, 8 branches for fortune and 9 branches for luck.

3 meaningful trees

Note when placing feng shui plants at the altar of God of Fortune

– When choosing ornamental plants for the altar of the God of Fortune, we should also note that they should not be placed on the altar, but only next to the altar. Because bonsai is not a worship item, placing bonsai on the altar only has an additional meaning for the owner’s wish for fortune, so it is not necessary to place it on the altar.

If placed on the altar, it will make daily worship and incense burning inconvenient and difficult. It is even possible to defile the altar because the tree has to be watered, fertilized, etc.

– In addition, homeowners should choose trees that are always green, less deciduous. At the same time, those trees must have names that represent luck and prosperity.

– Absolutely avoid next to the altar of the God of Fortune thorny, arid, deciduous trees or have a “hard to hear” name.

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