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Asian houses with amazing private swimming pools

A private swimming pool is an impressive highlight in any home, especially in Asia when property prices are high and land is scarce. Tatler Asia magazine has selected 5 houses with pool Designed as a tropical resort, there is a sophisticated design aesthetic in the space.

Unique geometric design house

This free-form swimming pool is located in the 325 square meter private garden of a family home in Fo Tan, Hong Kong. This is the work of Ada Leung of Adapa Architects.

Geometric shapes and lines are an important theme in the design of the house, the fact that the garden has a unique shape and that philosophy is also reflected in the shape of the swimming pool. Beside the swimming pool, the exterior landscape is decorated with furniture by Belgian designer Tribù.

In a house in colorful Manila

In Philip and Small Laude’s Manila home, the pool is next to an outdoor seating area. Small Laude, the lady of the house, drew inspiration from the modern architecture of Los Angeles. She invited Ed Calma, one of the most sought-after architects in the Philippines, to build the house.

The house is designed with clean lines, glass panels, slate gray and bold black dominating the space.

In a tropical oasis in Kuala Lumpur

In this tropical oasis home in tree-lined Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur, one of the homeowners’ requests was for a resort-style residence. This is a corner house, which means enough land for a lap pool and outdoor pavilion.

“The owners are travel and leisure enthusiasts, so the interaction of the pool pavilion plus the dining space serves their purpose well,” said Seng Kheong Leong, representative of ELD Sdn. Bhd shared.

The intersection of Southeast Asia, Provence and California

Inspired by the rustic beauty of homes in Provence (France) and the coolness of Southern California, this bungalow in Singapore has been designed to blend in with its tropical setting.

As the “brainchild” of multi-disciplinary design firm Ong and Ong, the silhouette of the saltwater swimming pool takes on a natural shape with surrounding greenery. The swimming pool’s turquoise granite tiles are reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea.

In a multi-generational Singapore house

Inspired by the pentagon of a ski lodge, this striking home is one of three connected homes built on the same site.

Families turned to architecture firm RT+Q to design an ideal environment for multi-generational, harmonious living. Separately built residences will be connected to each other through shared spaces — such as a swimming pool.

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