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Boiling up the post accusing Son Tung of luring a female student to use banned substances, netizens simultaneously pointed out the absurdity and asked for 1 thing?

From the end of 2020 until now, Son Tung constantly being called on online forums, most notably dating rumors with Hai Tu. The climax is the clip recording the scene where the President and the “muse” stepped out of the suburban villa, and the two even had close actions. Faced with a series of rumors, the original Thai Binh vocalist decided to remain silent, maintaining her attitude even at times public opinion stirs upfiercely criticized.

The old story has not stopped, but recently, in the showbiz group suddenly appeared an article of a netizen with the nickname HM, posting a forum to accuse Son Tung of luring a female friend to use banned substances. According to the shared content, HM said that Son Tung asked him for something related to social insurance. “Boss asked me to remove the payment of social insurance for employees of MTP company. If anyone works, they understand that paying social insurance is the company paying 2 parts, the employee paying 1 part and the boss’s company paying the full salary according to the salary. basic”. Just this detail, neitzen immediately decided that this debunking article was completely absurd.

In the debunking article, there is also a detail that Son Tung approached their sister (2nd year university student), then invited her to her own home, clearly writing a specific address in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. “The boss put drugs on my brother’s head, asked him if he wanted to go to showbiz, he just heard the strange way of talking, so he told me,” this person added.

To confirm the truthfulness of his story, this netizen sent a private letter to Son Tung, asking to take the male singer to the hospital for a drug test. responsibility.

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A piece of content in the article of netizens

After just over 1 hour, the article received great attention and was widely spread. However, most netizens find it hard to believe the story that HM posted. First, many people realize this information is shared by a virtual account, which lacks credibility. In particular, the article is like a “sheet”, completely without specific evidence.

Judging that this is a content to slander and bring down the honor of Son Tung, many fans expressed their frustration, wishing that the M-TP company could speak up or ask the authorities to intervene. . “M-TP Entertainment has never wanted your company to take stronger measures against those who defame the honor than now. This is no longer a personal matter, Vietnamese law is not a joke for these guys. made by water” – A netizen commented.

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Many netizens expressed disbelief about the content of the article about Son Tung, some even asked the authorities to intervene.

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So far, netizens who know Son Tung always choose to be silent before all rumors. However, in the face of information that is said to be fabricated, slanderous and humiliating like this, the move of M-TP company is more concerned than ever.

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