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Cam Pha is expected to become the second tourist destination in Quang Ninh

The trillion-dollar infrastructure projects such as the Ha Long – Cam Pha sea border, the Ha Long – Van Don highway, contribute to completing, meeting the needs and attracting the number of tourists to Cam Pha. This also creates a solid premise for Cam Pha to become a tourist city connecting Ha Long and Van Don.

Cam Pha – a multi-connected tourist destination

Not inferior to the “brother” of Ha Long, Cam Pha City is blessed with many beautiful landscapes such as Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Duc Island and Hanh Hanh Cave 1300m long, running through the Quang rocky mountain range. Hanh to the sea.

Especially with the possession of natural hot mineral water, with high salinity and temperature, the percentage of Bromine accounting for 49% of the total mineral content has helped the hot mineral source in Cam Pha become one of the three famous bromine mineral water locations. most famous in the world; creating a premise to develop high-class hot mineral resort services.

Not only that, Cam Pha is also famous for the Cua Ong temple relic that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. This city has a coastline of over 70km, which is very convenient for tourism development.

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Bai Tu Long Bay – a natural wonder of the world in Cam Pha – Quang Ninh (Photo:

Sea tourism, resort tourism and spiritual tourism – three rare factors that fully converge on one piece of land. Because of those great tourism potentials, in the 2020-2030 period, Cam Pha determines to make tourism services a key economic sector.

The city has developed a tourism development plan in the area with specific goals and solutions. In which, striving by 2025, tourism will basically become a spearhead economic sector with high-quality facilities, infrastructure and products, attracting about 2 million visitors, revenue from tourism reaching more than 1000 billion dong.

In order to achieve the above goal, in the past time, this locality has focused on investing in urban infrastructure development, expanding National Highway 18, completing the Ha Long – Cam Pha sea route, upgrading tourist areas locality.

As for the city center, a plan to renovate and embellish urban landscape architecture will be made; propose solutions to preserve Bai Tu Long Bay area, develop space, and form a type of reciprocal tourism to reduce the load on Ha Long Bay, associated with the development of coastal urban areas, connecting with Ha Long city. and Van Don economic zone. Cam Pha city is gradually building a coastal tourism and resort town with its own identity of Quang Ninh province.

Real estate takes off with tourism

Thanks to the advantage of the sea with a long coastline and many special landscapes and monuments, Cam Pha’s tourism industry is increasingly making great strides in development, directly affecting the excitement of the real estate market. region, attracting large cash flows from domestic and foreign investors.

In just a short time, the leading real estate giants such as Vingroup, Sungroup, FLC, BIM… continuously survey and pour investment capital into Cam Pha to build world-class projects. Typically, Sungroup’s Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh high-class hot mineral resort, Vincom Plaza Cam Pha complex, Vincom Shophouse Cam Pha, Platin Center Shophouse Cam Pha.

These projects have been completed and put into operation, which is a great step forward for the city in the field of tourism and commerce. For real estate, the presence of the “big guys” also contributed to the excitement of the market, initially welcoming the wave, opening a new potential path for Cam Pha real estate.

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Sun Onsen Village Limited Edition hot mineral resort in Cam Pha has been put into operation.

It is predicted that, not only in terms of the speed of tourism development, the potential for price increase of Cam Pha real estate will not be inferior to Ha Long city. In 2018, before the information about the sea route passed through, the real estate price around Cam Pha’s coastline was only about 35-40 million/m2 and on National Highway 18 was 30 million/m2. Up to now, after more than 3 years, the price at the sea border has increased to nearly 135 million/m2 and at National Highway 18 is 70 million/m2.

Many experts believe that in the next 2-3 years, when the infrastructure is completed, tourism develops according to the province’s roadmap, the price of land along the coast of Cam Pha and along the National Highway 18 section through the center still has plenty of room to increase prices.

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Platinum Center Shophouse Cam Pha is the center of attraction for investors.

Located at the same planned location as Vincom Plaza and Vincom Shophouse that have been put into operation, the Platin Center Shophouse Cam Pha project is the center of attraction for investors thanks to its golden location and great profitability.

This is a completed project with an extremely expensive location when it is located in the city center, adjacent to National Highway 18, and near the Ha Long Cam Pha sea route and benefits from being located in the same location and size. plan with Vincom Shophouse.

With the orientation of developing tourism and trade in services in the city center, this place will become the largest tourist auxiliary area of ​​Cam Pha with vibrant business activities serving tourists and locals. , is a fertile land for investors to seize the golden opportunity to welcome the wave of tourism.

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