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Candidates are not allowed to add regional priority points if re-examination


This is one of the new points in the Draft Regulations College entranceCollege 2022 has just been announced by the Ministry of Education and Training on the morning of April 14.

Specifically, this year’s enrollment season, the Ministry of Education and Training is expected to maintain the region’s priority score. Specifically, the priority plus point level remains unchanged (region 1 (KV1) is 0.75 point, rural area 2 (KV2-NT) is 0.5 point and area 2 (KV2) is 0.25 point. ).

However, the regional priority plus points only apply to candidates graduating from high school (or intermediate) this year. For candidates who have graduated from high schools in previous years, when taking the re-test to get the results of university and college entrance exams, regional priority points will not be calculated. This is a narrower point than the university and college enrollment regulations in 2021.

Regarding priority points according to policy beneficiaries such as ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, the Ministry still keeps the plus point from 1 to 2, depending on the object, and does not depend on the year of the candidate graduating as for the priority score. regional pioneer.

The priority points are specified corresponding to the total score of three subjects (in the combination of admission subjects) on a 10-point scale for each exam subject (without multiplying the coefficient). In case the enrollment method uses a different scale, the priority score will be converted to the same level.

According to the draft, the Ministry of Education and Training will issue a general plan for the first round of recruitment so that the training institutions can coordinate in implementing the following processes: Apply for admission on the Ministry’s Admissions Portal and on the Service Portal. national public; organize admissions examinations at schools by using the results of high school graduation exams or high school study results; process aspirations on the system (according to an iterative cycle combined with the admissions process at the training institution); confirm admission on the system and admission at the school.

The Ministry suggested schools base on the general plan, develop a plan for direct admission, an early admission plan with a number of separate enrollment methods and a plan for additional admissions (if any).

The Ministry will support the organization of registration for the first round of formal training for all enrollment methods of schools. The registration period begins after the high school graduation exam and ends after the exam results and high school graduation consideration.

Candidates who have applied to the schools according to the early enrollment plan must then continue to register their aspirations on the system according to the general plan of the Ministry.

Candidates applying for the first round of regular training (including candidates who have applied according to the school’s early admission plan) register for admission on the system (via the Ministry’s Admissions Portal or via the Translation Portal). national public service) according to the general plan and guidelines of the ministry.

The draft regulation is currently being published by the Ministry of Education and Training for comments. The comment period is until May 31.

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