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Coway launches an air purifier with 10 filters suitable for large spaces

Thursday, April 14, 2022 16:32 PM (GMT+7)

With the motto “Enhancing life, full of peace of mind”, Coway recently continued to launch the latest model of air purifier Platform AP-2318D with 10 filters capable of purifying air for large spaces. up to 80m2.

After a prolonged epidemic period, users are more and more interested in taking care of and protecting the health of themselves and their families. Offices and businesses also pay more attention to the issue of creating a healthy working environment to protect the health of employees. Therefore, the need to use an air purifier at home or office to ensure the safety of the living and working environment is a top concern. Recently, the Korean brand – Coway has launched the Platform AP-2318D air purifier with a large capacity combined with multi-dimensional air intake technology and the largest number of filters ever.

Large filter capacity

The Coway Platform air purifier has an air purification capacity of up to 418 m³/hour, suitable for spaces up to 80m2. Thus, for common rooms in the house and large areas such as living rooms or even small and medium-sized offices, just one device is enough to filter and supply air. clean. In addition, the following features also make this product perfect for installation in offices, shops or large apartments.

Multi-dimensional air intake technology

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Platform is Coway’s first product with a multi-dimensional air filtration system with air intakes on both sides of the body and under the body, ensuring to remove dust and dirt suspended in the air and on the floor. In addition, this is the product with the largest number of filters ever of Coway, including 10 filters. Specifically, each side of the body is equipped with a 4-filter system: a coarse filter, a fine dust filter, a deodorizing filter and a HEPA filter. Under the machine, the pre-filter is designed to be disassembled for easy cleaning, combined with a HEPA filter.

Families with young children can rest assured when their children play on the floor when the floor is always guaranteed to be free of dust and other harmful agents. With a large number of high-performance, high-efficiency filters, Coway products are capable of removing up to 99.9% of bacteria, pathogenic viruses, fine dust, mold, and pollen. Especially for homes with pets, this product becomes even more useful because of its ability to absorb animal hair suspended in the air or on the floor, avoiding clinging to clothes or furniture.

Elegant design, suitable for modern interior space

Right from the first day of launch, Coway Platform impresses with its luxurious gray design, with rough surface, minimizing dust or fingerprints to help the body always keep a clean appearance throughout the process. user program. Besides, the surrounding edges are rounded, creating softness for the product. This is also one of Coway’s products that has won many international design awards such as Good Design (2018), iF Design Award (2019).

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Smart auto mode

The machine is equipped with a dust sensor and a light sensor, which helps the machine automatically adjust to different modes, optimizing the efficiency of air filtration while still saving power consumption for users. When the indicator light turns red, the air is in a polluted state, the machine will automatically increase the fan speed, cleaning the air in the shortest time. When the contaminant concentration is low, the device will operate at speed 1 for 10 minutes and “hibernate” for 30 minutes, operating in a repeating cycle. When the user turns off the lights in the room, the device will also switch to Sleep mode, turn off the display light, minimize the fan speed, noise and power consumption.

From April 1 to April 26, when buying Platform AP-2318D products directly at Coway Vina or on the Coway Vina website, customers have the opportunity to receive a discount of up to 25% and a gift of an extractor. Comet oranges worth 300,000 VND. In addition, customers will receive a free year of Heart Service worth 3,120,000 VND. Especially, the first 50 customers when buying products on Coway Vina’s website From 8pm on April 14 to the end of April 15, there will be a chance to receive 01 Fumak 5.5L oil-free fryer worth 2,150K.

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