Digital transformation – a solution to help TORYU restaurants overcome the Covid-19 tsunami

TORYU before the Covid-19 storm

TORYU was opened in a challenging period, but with efforts and efforts to bring customers the core values ​​​​of new and unique experiences in the style of innovative Japanese cuisine and Sake space. Luxurious Lounge, has helped TORYU gradually win the sympathy of gourmets in Ha Thanh.

Change or die?

The sudden arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic caused many F&B businesses to suffer. The young TORYU faced the challenge of having to “hold its breath” for the first time while waiting for new social distancing directives. TORYU’s main revenue at this time is the source of offline customers, now because of the epidemic, it is no longer enough to maintain the cost of renting the premises, the salary for the staff now becomes a big burden.

Faced with the risk of having to temporarily suspend operations, TORYU decided to turn to online platforms, although many high-end brands in the same segment previously “say no to online sales”. Although not experienced in this activity, but to stimulate customers to experience the service at home. TORYU has quickly appeared on famous online food trading apps such as Shopee Food, Beamin. Simultaneously discount up to 30% on products and services for takeout. TORYU has quickly launched electronic sets, combos, and menus instead of hardcover so that customers can choose and order food at home. Flexibility to change when needed and easy to update according to customer requirements.

After a period of operation and adapting to the new situation, the orders of TORYU DELIVERY are getting more and more regular because the restaurant still ensures the quality of fresh and beautifully packaged dishes to customers.

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“Challenge or opportunity is your choice” – CEO.Dao Huyen Vy

CEO Dao Huyen Vy – Toryu shares digital transformation secrets for F&B businesses with 9 steps:

Step 1: Customers are always the center

“Customer-centered is not only trying to bring customers the most perfect products and services, but also interacting with customers during the whole buying process. Before focusing on development To develop customer experience, you should consider your company culture. Your employees need to be well trained so that they can provide the best products and services. They will care about customers and work more effectively knowing that your interests are being protected.” – CEO Dao Huyen Vy shared.

Step 2: Restructure the organization and select the appropriate management method

This is an opportunity to observe, adjust the process as well as streamline the operating system, which business owners had little time to look at before.

Step 3: Change the manager’s perception

The transformation of the digital model between traditional business activities at the point of sale is a learning and discovery for many business owners who are old and used to doing business in the old way.

Step 4: Data Connection

Connecting customer data from the Marketing department to other departments must ensure smoothness to avoid the “he said chicken, she said duck” case that affects product quality and misinterprets customer requirements.

Step 5: Increase customer experience

CEO Dao Huyen Vy requires the Marketing and PR team to always create many attractive programs to increase the customer experience. In this April, if you come to TORYU, you will have many interesting experiences. Lady Day is held every Thursday with attractive gifts for women and cash voucher equivalent to 10% of total Bill for the next experience. Family Day is held every Sunday. Each table of 4 adults or more will be given a “Tower of Gods” worth 666,999 and children will be given a secret gift when they come to dine with their family. Particularly, the last Sunday of the month, the baby will be able to participate in the extremely useful sushi and maki roll-making activities.

Step 6: Step up logistics and supply chain

The supply chain in the food and beverage business is vital in ensuring its operations. Because if you don’t ensure logistics and supply, it will lead to a big problem that affects all parts when operating the restaurant. Therefore, administrators must learn to respond to changes in supply and logistics during the epidemic.

Step 7: Data security and customer privacy are essential in the industry culture.

Step 8: Developing new products and changing work processes help businesses stay proactive with unpredictable changes.

TORYU is a successful example of how F&B businesses can still adapt and thrive in the Covid situation. This is the destination to visit when you need a place to celebrate a birthday, group party, date or book a party at home, …..


TORYU – Japanese Fusion and Sake Lounge – 081 810 6181.

1st floor – Hanoi Aqua Central Building – 44 Yen Phu – Ba Dinh – Hanoi (Inside the building).


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