Earning money is not difficult, just afraid of missing ‘tricks’

Here are 9 methods of making money with a history of thousands of years of the Jewish people.

1. The art of “calculating money”

Business people have always had a “religion to make money”, and the most important reason is because they have a special rule of money: the 78:22 business rule.

For example: 22% of customers generate 78% of the company’s profits; 22% of products are core products of the company; Men make 78% of the world’s money and women spend 78% of the world’s money…

2. The art of “catch money”

Jewish entrepreneurs never do small profitable businesses that get quick turnover, they only trade deals with high profits even though the sales are moderate.

There are many people who follow the business strategy of “small profits but quick turnover”, but Jewish entrepreneurs believe that competing with small profits is like putting a noose around your neck, and in business, behavior It’s not a smart move.

3. The art of “making money”

Among the Jewish ways of making money, there is a well-known rule – earn even a dollar.

The Jews were used to adopting the strategy of “avoiding the real, looking for the bad, dividing into small groups and accumulating small ones”, and ultimately defeating a strong opponent. At the same time, they have strong judgment. If they think their partner is good for them in some way, they can bring them money, then, they can be consistent and patient, waiting for the other person to change their mood or wait. the time comes.

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4. The art of “wining money”

The Jewish experience of starting a business and doing business for thousands of years is that women have a higher rate of “out of pocket” than men.

Because a man’s job is to make money, being able to earn money does not mean holding money or owning money, the power to spend money is still in the hands of women.

5. The art of “transforming money”

The art of making money is living wisdom, money can “jump” from the brain, as long as the method is right, the key to the door to wealth will be in your hands.

In the intelligent and astute eyes of the Jewish people, everything has its price, lost and then regained, only wisdom is an invaluable asset in life.

How to make the greatest fortune with the least amount of money is the most important thing for Jews when starting a business.

6. The art of “investing money”

Every business is a first transaction, and it must be taken seriously. In market competition, all Jewish decision-making about the investment of money is motivated by “profit”. In the age of competition with each other for “profit”, the key to making business people truly profitable lies in making the right decisions, and this requires business people to have the corresponding qualities.

Knowing the enemy knows himself, good at investigating “enemies” in the marketplace

Timely grasp market trends and consumer needs; accurately judge your competitors, know their strengths, predict their actions, and dominate the market in advance.

Assess the situation and be good at taking advantage of business opportunities

Timely seize all “profitable” opportunities in the market, actively attack.

In terms of specific ways, they use small profits to lure opponents, or put small profits in front of them, so that opponents can misunderstand, thereby reaping big profits for themselves.

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7. The art of “saving money”

The Jews value time very much, to them, time is as precious as money. At work, they count everything in seconds, every second matters to them. Once working hours have been established, they will strictly follow them.

A strong sense of time improves their work efficiency, and seeing time as a commodity leads them to think that stealing time is as shameful as stealing money from their vault. other people, and that’s why, they cherish every minute and every second so much.

8. The art of “money management”

Learning how to manage a small amount of money first, then you can manage more money, is the smartest way to prevent money from flying.

This Jewish management rule also reminds leaders that, as a boss, you must know the characteristics, abilities, and even the personality of your subordinates to be able to assign them to the right place.

Make the most of your company’s inner potential, only in this way can your company stand out from the crowd.

9. The art of “using money”

The Jews believe that as long as you have a desire in your heart, it will take root and multiply. Desires are endless, but the number of times you can satisfy them is very small.

We need to carefully study the current living habits, maybe at some point, you think some expenses are necessary, but after thinking clearly, you will feel that expenses can be cut. reduced, can be canceled.

Remember this saying: If you spend a dollar, make 100% of it. 20220414083329805.chn


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