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Ha Nam’s husband uses a super-protective condom to still get pregnant, BS shows the truth

Master, Doctor Phan Chi Thanh

Talking about condoms today, there are many different ways of thinking, especially in “men”. There’s even a story posted on social media asking for a doctor’s advice, making many readers feel like they’re in that situation.

Typically, the case of Mr. BTT (29 years old, in Ha Nam) has a wife and 2-year-old daughter. Because they want to stabilize their lives, the couple plan, do not want to have a second child. Mr. T is worried that his wife’s contraceptive measures will affect the future birth, so he actively uses a “raincoat” every time. relationship.

Very carefully, in the bedroom, the couple always keep a condom ready at the head of the bed, every time they do “sex” to the point of ejaculation, Mr. T takes two of them to wear and then continues having sex for absolute safety. .

“The first time, the second time and the third time doing it, my husband and I both felt that it was both pleasurable and safe. But on the 4th time, everything was different, I still did the same and my wife got pregnant again. That period was right at the time of the epidemic, the couple just stayed at home and didn’t go anywhere, so it must have been some problem when manipulating, not my wife “out of line”, Mr. T confided.

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Using condoms correctly can help prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancy. (Illustration)

Master, Doctor Phan Chi Thanh – Chief of the Office of the Center for Training and Directing (National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology) said that the doctor has encountered many cases like the above couple. Currently, many people still have misconceptions about using condoms, thereby making the protection not most effective. Specifically:

– It’s safer to wear two condoms than one: Doctor Thanh said that this is not true. Because wearing two condoms during sex will cause friction, making the condom easier to tear, leading to unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

– It’s almost time to ejaculate before wearing a condom: According to Doctor Thanh, this is a job many people do and it is also easy to have consequences after love because right in the early stages of sex, contact between the two genitals has a risk of transmitting diseases. unwanted sex or pregnancy, not waiting for ejaculation.

Besides, in addition to the traditional relationship, other forms such as oral or manual sex also need to have preventive measures such as wearing a condom when having oral sex, or wearing a glove when stimulated. by hand.

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Dr. Phan Chi Thanh said that many people mistakenly think about condoms, making the protection effect not high.

According to Doctor Thanh, currently sex Oral sex is also gradually becoming popular, so oral sex also carries the potential for diseases such as genital warts, mouth sores, gonorrhea infection and Chlamydia in the throat. To prevent disease, oral sex also has a diaphragm in the mouth, but currently, protection measures for oral sex have not been focused.

Wearing a condom is to avoid sexually transmitted diseases: Doctor Thanh said that this recommendation is correct but not enough. Wearing a condom actually only covers 1% of the body, only the penis, other parts can still spread genital warts such as in the pubic area, or grow in other areas such as the scrotum and groin. Therefore, besides using condoms, we need to have a healthy and faithful sex life.

– The thicker the condom, the safer it is: This is a mistake. Wearing a thick condom increases friction with the vaginal wall and increases the risk of tearing. Currently, to be safe, you should choose thin, elastic condoms that are less prone to tearing during sex.

Using condoms reduces excitement and pleasure: This is not true. Doctor Thanh explained, there have been many studies on this issue, specifically in the two groups using condoms and not using condoms, when asked, the sexual satisfaction index was the same. Even the use of condoms makes women more satisfied because they feel secure, comfortable, and don’t have to worry about contraception.

In fact, many people, both men and women, are always worried about contraception, which makes them uncomfortable and obsessive, especially for those who have had an unwanted pregnancy and had to have an abortion.

Finally, Doctor Thanh said that in order to have a safe sex life, couples should practice a healthy lifestyle, coordinate the use of safe sex methods as well as get regular screenings to avoid diseases. sexually transmitted.

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