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Hai Duong green bean cake “caused a fever” for Chinese people, listen to the guy review it on Douyin

Recently, Hai Duong mung bean cake has affirmed its level when reaching out to the Chinese market of billions of people. Many accounts, after trying the specialties of Hai Duong, were amazed with the sweet taste and packaging design.

A guy with an account @I’m Sun Shaoqi made a video review of Hai Duong mung bean cake posted on Douyin platform (TikTok China). He shared that each time he had to eat 2 full boxes to be satisfied, the best was when enjoyed with hot tea.

Hai Duong green bean cake
Hai Duong green bean cake

During the review, the guy complimented the green bean cake right from the packaging: “The packaging is also very special. Outside there is a layer of plastic wrap, inside is a layer of iridescent silver wrapping paper, inside are 6 small fragrant yellow green bean cakes, …”.

After trying it, the guy complimented the mung bean cake with beautiful words such as soft and smooth, melts in the mouth when eaten, mildly sweet, quite harsh but not sick.

What he likes most about this Hai Duong mung bean cake is that the cake is wrapped in a beautiful small box, which can be eaten all at once, not the type of eating a little and then keeping it, unfortunately, it ends up being damaged or deformed like The cakes are packaged in large sizes.

Moreover, the guy also realized the convenience when the mung bean cake was made into small square blocks.

“Because the taste of the cake is quite strong, if you open the box and put it all in your mouth, it will definitely be unbearable, easy to get bored. A box has 6 small blocks, people will eat them slowly, so they won’t get sick. bored”.

To prove with this statement, he ate 3 blocks of cake at once. Sure enough, the harsh taste of the cake made him “grim” for a few seconds, even though it was still stuck to his teeth. After that, he affirmed that eating small pieces of cake slowly is the best way to eat.

The last sentence that the guy gave to Hai Duong mung bean cake was “exquisite”. Subtlety from the packaging to the way the cake is divided into small cubes, and the texture and taste of the cake, “all make the audience ecstatic”.

Hai Duong green bean cake
Hai Duong green bean cake

Right after that, Chinese netizens simultaneously voiced their praises for Hai Duong green bean cake of Vietnam as a food reminiscent of childhood, both delicious and cheap.

“This cake is very delicious, I used to eat it when I was a child. Once I had to eat a few boxes immediately, I was full while eating and drinking.”

“Actually, this type of cake is also available in China, but it’s not as delicious as that of Vietnam. Every time I go there to travel, I have to buy a few boxes of these cakes as a gift. The whole family likes it.”

“This cake is delicious to drink with tea, needless to say, the elderly and children love it.”

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