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How to choose the “king of vegetables” for the freshest, most nutritious food

Thursday, April 14, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

No matter what vegetables you buy, if you know a few tips, you will choose the cheap but delicious ones. Especially with broccoli, a vegetable that is very nutritious but easy to buy is less fresh if you don’t know how to choose.

Broccoli is delicious, but to choose the fresh one, you need to know the trick. Many people often like to buy large broccoli and think that it is the delicious one. In fact, to buy good broccoli, don’t just pay attention to the size, but also pay attention to the following things.

How to choose "king of vegetables"  so that the freshest, most nutritious - 1

1. Don’t buy one with discrete flower buds

Fresh, high-quality broccoli, normally dense green flower buds, firm, not loose, no gaps between flower buds. If the flower buds are slightly swollen, it means they are still very fresh. On the contrary, if the flower bud is loose and soft, it means that it is wilted, dehydrated, too old. When buying this type, after processing the dish will not be delicious and chewy.

2. Don’t buy one with cracked stalks

Larger varieties of broccoli are usually preferred. But this type is very easy to have the phenomenon of empty intestine or the stem is cracked, split in half. Moreover, if you notice that the stem is too long or too thin, it means that this species is very old.

After cooking, no matter what processing method, the taste is not fresh. Many people don’t pay attention, so buy the bigger the better, this is not recommended.

3. Do not buy if leaves turn yellow

When harvesting broccoli, people often cut the long stalks along with the leaves. Therefore, to judge whether broccoli is still fresh or not, you should look at its leaves. If the leaves are green, the broccoli is still fresh. Conversely, if the leaf is darker green, it is not fresh. If the leaves turn yellow, it means that the broccoli has wilted, the water has evaporated, it is best not to choose these types.

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