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Inflammation of the itch – wet “crazy” is treated quickly with this thing

Inflammation of the itch - wet

Endometriosis is a common disease in women aged 20-50

10 years of suffering because of inflammatory disease “onion”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy (33 years old – insurance consultant) in Dong Que, Song Lo, Vinh Phuc used to have 10 years of living with cervical ectropion 2. During that time, Ms. Thuy Tried almost all different treatment methods, from oral drugs, cocoons, Korean gynecological gels to Southern medicines, folk tips such as betel nut, green tea, but every way has its limitations and limitations. does not yield definitive results.

“There are days when the disease recurs, itches so much that I just want to put my hand down to scratch it, there is a lot of discharge, I have to change tampons constantly, and then my back hurts, my stomach hurts. Sometimes it’s itchy and wet, I can’t concentrate on doing anything.” – Thuy recalls a haunting time.

Inflammation of the itch - wet

Thuy has tried many methods but failed

Partly because the unpleasant smell causes loss of confidence, partly because infection makes sex difficult and painful, Thuy gradually becomes afraid of “marital affairs”, even alienating her partner. The hard-to-talk disease kept “squeezing” into all aspects, making her life extremely tiring…

End of “recurrence” loop after long days

Tried many methods but still failed. Over time, Thuy almost gave up on treatment and only sought to reduce symptoms to live in peace with the disease. However, when switching to trying Lavima, those thoughts have completely changed. This is also the method that makes Thuy the most satisfied in the past 10 years.

Inflammation of the itch - wet

Lavima product set has been licensed by the Ministry of Health and is trusted by thousands of women

Lavima is a set of 3 new herbal solutions to help handle the problems of gynecological inflammation from the inside out. Lavima’s duo of washing gels and topical gels have been certified by the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City to kill 99% of Candida and harmful bacteria after 60 seconds of exposure, immediately reducing symptoms of itching and discomfort from the first use. first. Thanks to diligently reading the newspaper, Ms. Thuy knew about this product and decided to sign up for the brand’s trial program. Unexpectedly, this “test” is the “answer” that she has been looking for for so long.

Inflammation of the itch - wet

Certificates of the ability to kill bacteria and fungi of Gel Lavima

“Try for about a week, then I see the improvement results are too good, so I decided to buy a large bottle to use for the full course. Using this, I find it very convenient, I don’t have to abstain from eating or drinking, I just need to wash it off. After a while, I also went to the doctor again, the inflammation of the thyroid gland has decreased a lot. Since then, I decided to use the product every day, because the product is herbal, so it is also safe, I find the private area clean but not dry, so I feel secure to use it for a long time.” – Ms. Thuy shared.

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After a year of using Lavima washing and applying gel products, Thuy has regained her confidence. You no longer have to worry about itching, excessive discharge or unpleasant odors. The “marital affair” is also “warmed up” and salty again.

Inflammation of the itch - wet

Thuy has regained her confidence with a set of 3 Lavima products

Or news that the brand has added Lavima tablets, a product that helps to supplement beneficial bacteria and support increased resistance, Thuy did not hesitate to buy it and use it to prevent the disease from recurring. For Thuy, now Lavima has become a daily habit and a reliable solution for her to introduce to sisters, friends and colleagues who have the same situation of gynecological inflammation.

Thuy’s share about the results after using Lavima products

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Lavima – A comprehensive solution for women who have problems with gynecological inflammation

Inflammation of the itch - wet

BSCKII Nguyen Ngoc Thuy shared about Lavima in the program “Experts for everyone”

Specialist II Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thuy (Former Deputy Head of Department of Gynecology and Endocrinology – National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology) assessed: “Lavima Cleansing Gel and Topical Gel is derived from 7 herbs that have been exclusively mixed according to a standardized formula from Symrise of Germany. It not only helps you antibacterial, antifungal, but also provides lactic acid to balance the pH of your intimate area, making you always feel dry, clean and airy, keeping you in a humid, non-re-inflammatory environment.

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