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Introducing my boyfriend’s family, I proudly reveal my monthly earnings

I am a doctor of a private hospital, salary is about 70 million/month. Because I’m busy with work and study, I don’t have love time Who. My nature is also unpleasant and perfectionist, so it is more difficult to find the right person.

Unexpectedly, I fell in love with the nurse who worked at the same hospital. He is 3 years older than me, mature, decent, responsible. However, in terms of position and salary, he is still much worse than me.

We have known each other for 5 months and have discussed wedding story. Because I am over 30 years old, I also need a family of my own.

Yesterday, I came back introduced the boyfriend’s family. His house is well-off and clean. My boyfriend’s mother was very attentive when preparing coffee and fruit to welcome me. At first, the atmosphere was very relaxed and fun.

It wasn’t until lunchtime that his mother asked me about my monthly salary. I am proud to say the amount of money I earn. Not only that, thanks to smart saving, I have my own house, car and a savings book.

Debuting to my boyfriend's family, I proudly showed off my monthly earnings, after listening to it, his mother immediately said a bitter word - Photo 1.


After hearing that, the boyfriend’s mother suddenly became silent. She was no longer as excited as she was at first, instead hesitant. The conversation was also not pleasant, comfortable. When my boyfriend discussed marriage, his mother suddenly said a bitter sentence: “Mother objected marriage story“.

We were shocked that everything went beyond our expectations. Then he continued: “At work, you are Q’s superior. In terms of monthly income, you are also 3 times higher than my son. When you’re in love, everything is rosy, but when you’re married, the difference is too much. Besides, I just want to find a daughter-in-law who can take care of her family and have time for her husband and children. I like you very much, but I am afraid that you do not meet my standards of a daughter-in-law. “.

I sat in silence for a while and then asked for permission to go home, not knowing what to say. Before, I was very proud of my career and salary. Who would have thought this would become a problem in marriage.

Even though my boyfriend promised to help me overcome my parents, his mother’s attitude still made me sad. Is it wrong to be good at making a lot of money? Should I continue this relationship?

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