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Is it worth it or not?

According to information from NPH CMN Online, the game Lenh Ho Ca – Excellent product of Vo Lam, Tuyet Tac Kim Dung of the Vietnamese game village was officially launched, bringing many surprises to many gamers. Surprised because it’s been a long time since a high-quality webgame has been released that is not inferior to any PC or mobile game on the market, surprised because mobile game publishers, mobile game players, there is a rare webgame that dares to go against the development trend of the market, “challenge” against all mobile role-playing games at the present time. So is it worth it to “play big” to invest in the experience in Linghu Ca at the present time? The answer is: Worth it! Because of:

first. Experience the true swordplay game

It’s been a long time since a standard PC game like this appeared on the market. Most of the swordplay games now mix elements of the first half quite a lot, from fashion, wings, mounts … making players who like the style of swordplay feel quite uncomfortable. However, in Leh Ho Ca, players will definitely experience a standard swordplay game only from creating characters that also have a dusty Gypsy look rather than elaborate first-hand style, fashion is mostly antique sets. ancient swordplay page, especially in the game say no to wings. Longtime swordplay fans will definitely love this.

Determined to play big with Linghu Ge: Is it worth it or not?  - Photo 1.

Huashan Sword Tong fashion standard sword

Determined to play big with Linghu Ge: Is it worth it or not?  - Photo 2.

Familiar characters in Tieu Arrogant Jianghu

Determined to play big with Linghu Ge: Is it worth it or not?  - Photo 3.

Cultivate the secret martial art of Doc Co Cuu Sword

2. The game has a lot of attractive features

Having played through many games, gamers will understand that it is very normal to recharge the game to open new features, or to own a rare item. Because when players open new features, owning different items only they have, giving players a feeling of excitement and extreme happiness.

Determined to play big with Linghu Ge: Is it worth it or not?  - Photo 4.

In Linghu Ge, the ability to increase combat power is unlimited

Determined to play big with Linghu Ge: Is it worth it or not?  - Photo 5.

Universal weapon leveling system

In Linghu Ca, players will control and develop their characters to their liking, increase their unlimited fighting power with dozens of features to upgrade, enhance equipment, companions, fashion, mounts, favors. wrestling, martial arts training… with hundreds of activities to hunt bosses, guilds, kings, inter-server battlefields… with bold community character, helping gamers make friends and get to know each other. It is totally worth it for players to be able to top up to experience all of these features and activities.

3. Play Linghu Ge game to save time and money

Talking about loading money into the game Lenh Ho Ca but “saving”, sounds absurd but very convincing if players understand the core of the following. Reloading money into the game will save players 2 things: Time and Money.

Save time, instead of having to spend time plowing and hoeing, tired of hitting each boss, when you recharge, it will help the player’s character become stronger and easier to complete the tasks. . There is still time to spend plowing, players to do real life jobs, earn money to invest in the game.

Determined to play big with Linghu Ge: Is it worth it or not?  - Photo 6.

Boss hunting to receive recharge cards is an interesting activity in Linghu Ca

Saving money is because in Linghu Ca there is an activity to fight bosses to receive recharge cards. Yes, you did not hear wrongly, beating the boss in Command Hu Ge will drop a recharge card, this recharge card will be like you load a game card, when you pick up this top-up card, you will receive all the benefits like loading a normal game card. This activity will certainly attract both the rich and the plowmen to participate. Therefore, the more players invest in their character, the more PK advantage they have to occupy the boss, and the more loaded cards they have.

4. The publisher supports gamers very well

Game publishers, when they make a profit, will definitely invest in the game, make the game better, more attractive, and have the funds to keep the game alive longer. They will find ways to come up with new features to satisfy gamers. Of course, if the game is upgraded, the player will be the one to enjoy those services. Not far away, for example, the webgame Sword Saint of NPH CMN Online is very popular with the webgame community, they think the game is worth their investment, so after more than 1 year of launching the game, it is still alive and well, with huge revenue, standing before the game. the massive development of mobile games. And NPH CMN Online is also very confident in the success of Linghu Ca in the future.

Determined to play big with Linghu Ge: Is it worth it or not?  - Photo 7.

Linghu Ge a quality game worth investing in

So if it’s you, do you think the Leh Ho Ca game is worth your investment? If you want to know the results, then register for an account and experience the game right away. For the convenience of gamers, it is easier for gamers to experience the game NPH Lenh Ho Ca has sent a super VIP code worth 1 million exclusively for readers:








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