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It is expected that the regional priority plus point will only be applied in the year candidates graduate

New points in this year’s enrollment are expected by the Ministry of Education and Training, such as virtual filtering of all recruitment methods in the first time; Register your wish after knowing your high school graduation exam scores have been included in the draft regulation.

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In addition, there are a number of other adjustments such as the Ministry of Education and Training requiring that the addition of new recruitment methods and combinations must have a reasonable basis and schedule, not as the norm of the method and combination used in the year. before reducing more than 30% of the target of the industry and training program.

The most important is the relevant adjustment of the regional priority point of view. Accordingly, the priority plus points remain unchanged (region 1 (KV1) is 0.75 points, rural area 2 (KV2-NT) is 0.5 points and area 2 (KV2) is 0.25 points. ).

But there is an important rule that the regional priority plus only applies to five candidates graduating from high school (or intermediate). Candidates who have graduated from high school when retaking the exam to get the results of university and college admissions will not be given priority points in the region (such as area 3).

The Ministry of Education and Training also said that candidates applying for the first round of regular training (including those who have applied under the early enrollment plan of the training institution) register for admission on the system (via the Portal). enrollment information of the Ministry or through the National Public Service Portal) according to the general plan and guidance of the Ministry.

Candidates are allowed to register their aspirations in many fields, many different schools with no limit on the number, but must arrange their aspirations in order of priority from highest to lowest. In the event that many candidates are eligible for admission, candidates will only be recognized for admission and called for admission according to the highest aspirations.

Candidates express their aspirations through the options on the registration form (under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training) as follows: order of priority of aspiration (number 1 represents the highest aspiration); selection of training institutions, enrollment units (school codes); selection of majors, industry groups, training programs and enrollment methods (industry code); select the selection combination (combination code) for the selection method based on the results of the exam by subject, or the admission method based on the learning results of high school subjects.

The Ministry of Education and Training requires the admission confirmation to be done online on the system.

In case the training institution stipulates that candidates confirm their admission in another form (by post or in person at the training institution or it can be combined in the admission process), the training institution must perform the following procedures: perform the admission confirmation for candidates on the system.

For candidates who do not confirm their admission within the prescribed time limit: if there is no valid reason, the candidate will be considered to refuse admission and the training institution has the right to refuse admission; If due to illness or accident, there is a certificate from the hospital of the district or higher, or because of a natural disaster certified by the People’s Committee of the district or higher, the training institution considers the decision to accept the candidate or reserve enrollment results for candidates to study later; if due to errors or misunderstandings of individuals, organizations performing the enrollment work or individual candidates, the training institution actively cooperates with relevant individuals and organizations to review the evidence and decide determine the admission of candidates to the school or reserve the enrollment results for candidates to enter later.

Candidates who have confirmed their admission at a training institution are not allowed to participate in the examination elsewhere or in additional examinations, unless permitted by the training institution.

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