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It takes a ‘high dignity’ son to be allowed to sleep like this by the ‘king’

Children and pets have a very special bond. Having a little friend always by your side will make your baby feel happier, love life and be more responsible. That is why many families today choose to keep a pet in the house as a way to help their children make new friends and help them become more independent.

For families with cats and dogs, the scene in the following clip has become too familiar. The mother just opened the blanket when she discovered her son was sleeping soundly, in both hands were 4 cats lying in the boy’s lap. Both the boy and the cats were sound asleep, looking very cute.

Super cute baby boy hugging a sleeping cat

This scene made netizens melt because it was so cute: ”It’s heartbreaking, oh look at them, they fit in a baby’s lap, it takes a lot of love to be hugged like that”, ”so close, more than friends, surely the boy will live a very long life. love to see”…

In fact, many families let their children have pets in the house. This also has its own advantages and disadvantages, parents can refer to:

Benefits of having a pet

– Enhance mobility and play: To take care of pets, children will have to exercise, play with pets, help develop physical and health for children.

– Learn to live responsibly: A child who is not formed to live responsibly and care about others is often very stubborn and selfish. When children have pets, children will soon develop a sense of responsibility and know how to take care of others. Pets need attention and attention at all times, so kids who love pets often learn empathy and compassion.

Increases calmness: Some children feel more comfortable around pets when around other people. Like adults, children tend to turn to animals when feeling sad, angry, or upset.

– Relieves stress: Cuddling a pet helps children feel secure. Many people when upset often play with pets to feel comfortable again.

Adorable corner: It takes a 'high dignity' son to be allowed to sleep like this by the 'king' - Photo 2.

Super cute moment.

Things to pay attention to when keeping a pet

– Learn more about the pet: How big will it be? What about pet care? Does your child have allergies? How much does pet care cost? Can your child take care of a pet? If you keep many different species, do they easily cause conflicts with each other?

– Teach children to touch pets gently and know when not to touch the pet (when it is scared or angry). Instruct children not to let pets lick their faces and to wash their hands before eating if playing with pets.

With babies: Never leave your baby’s crib near a cat or any other animal. Do not leave your toddler alone with pets, as this can upset the pets and they may bite them back.

– If you have a pet at home and you are pregnant, be careful when handling cat waste or feces of other pets. Wear gloves when doing this to reduce your risk of getting toxoplasmosis, which can affect the health of your unborn baby.

– If your pet is sick, take them to the vet. Your doctor will tell you what disease your pet is suffering from and whether it is contagious to young children.

Pet allergies are quite common. Babies can be irritated by the sebaceous glands in a cat’s skin or a dog’s saliva. Even if you stop keeping these animals, allergens can still linger in your home for up to 6 months. 20220413133225538.chn

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