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Killer whales use “dangerous blows”, tossing their prey into the air

The scene of whales knocking seals high before eating meat was captured (photo: Daily Mail)

Andrew Lees, 51 years old, captain of a cruise ship captured this spectacular picture when the killer whale used its tail to toss the seal into the air before eating it.

The photo was taken when Mr. Andrew Lees led a tour group to visit in British Columbia, Canada. Mr. Andrew spotted a male killer whale and deliberately observed its behavior.

“After curling up in the water for a while, the killer whale delivered a deadly blow. It used its tail to knock the seal up high, stunning its prey. After the seal fell into the sea, the two whales ate it deliciously,” Mr Andrewk said.

“The scene was really spectacular, very amazing. Everyone on board was amazed at the ingenuity of killer whales. I’ve never taken a picture like this,” said Captain Andrew excitedly.

“It looks like those two whales are mother and son. When I see whales hunting, I stop the boat. Suddenly a tail appeared and the seal flew through the air. Unbelievable scene. That shows us the strength and skill of the apex predator in the vast ocean,” said Andrew.

Jackie Hilating, an expert at the Association for Marine Research and Education in Vancouver, said that killer whales will display special hunting skills as a way to get acquainted with other whales. .

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