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Lao Cai male student gets perfect score in IELTS listening and speaking

With 8.5 IELTS, in which listening and speaking achieved 9.0 and the second prize of the national excellent student, The Minh plans to apply for admission to some majors of Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

Dinh The Minh, grade 12 Anh, Lao Cai Gifted High School, Lao Cai city, took the IELTS test for the first time on April 1, achieving 8.5 overall; in which two skills of listening and speaking got 9.0 (perfect score), reading 8.5 and writing 7.0. Minh also won the second prize of the national excellent student in English.

According to Master Tu Pham, head of the IPP IELTS Center, in order to achieve 8.5-9.0 in listening – reading, candidates must be able to read very well and understand almost the entire text. Speaking skill reaches 9.0, which requires almost a native speaker’s level in all four aspects: Fluency, logic when presenting ideas; Vocabulary is broad, natural, and contextually correct; The grammar is sure, almost not wrong in the whole lesson; Standard pronunciation, voice up and down, natural accent.

Dinh The Minh and his mother at home in Lao Cai.  Photo: Character provided

Dinh The Minh and his mother at home in Lao Cai. Image: Characters provided

“Writing 7.0 is also a high score, just not high compared to my other skills, especially Speaking. Speaking results show that candidates who have invested in learning English from a young age have the ability to use this language in communicate normally in a natural way”, Mr. Tu commented.

The IELTS exam preparation expert said that, if he practices writing in the right direction, Minh can raise his score to 8+ in the near future, with the prospect of 9.0 overall with Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking scores of 9-9-8, respectively. -9 or 9-9-8.5-8.5.

Can I share This result is thanks to a solid foundation since childhood. I was taught English by my family since 4th grade. In those days, Minh also watched cartoons with subtitles, thereby forming a good language foundation. When I was in middle school, I joined the school’s English team. In high school, Minh continued to participate in the national English competitions for excellent students.

Male students like to read foreign researches and articles in English in areas such as artificial intelligence, physics, environment… When they meet new words, they look up the dictionary and try to use them again and again. in conversations with classmates. In the team review group, Minh and his friends often quiz each other on vocabulary, creating situations for themselves to use new words.

Diverse and rich vocabulary becomes the foundation for Minh in listening skills. Minh does not practice Listening through Podcasts, TED Talks or watching English movies as popular advice, but mainly surfs YouTube and watches according to his favorite topics.

“Listening often helps me absorb the pronunciation, intonation and speaking style of native speakers. Listening a lot also helps me to reflect and express in English,” Minh said.

In Speaking skill, male English majors practice by speaking a lot. When he has free time or on the way to school, Minh often talks to himself on topics he comes up with, develops his own ideas and tries to express his thoughts. At first, I was not used to it, I stumbled or lost my mind after a few sentences. Minh improved with easy topics first such as introducing himself and using simple, familiar words… Once he had good language reflexes, the male students began to introduce good structures and vocabulary. Every day, I spend an hour to practice speaking.

Not confident with Writing, Minh worked hard to practice. I write a lot, three articles a day and 200 words each. After writing, I compare and refer to articles with the same topic online to learn and fix errors.

For those who have difficulty getting band scores, Minh advises focusing on listening and reading skills. Listening ability will gradually increase with regular practice, while understanding the language requires a lot of reading.

“My experience is to let language come into my life as much as possible. It is important when listening and reading to focus, understand the text deeply, think about it to understand the meaning and purpose” Minh shared.

Minh class has a size of 34, of which 32 students have taken the IELTS test with a score of 7.0 or higher, aiming for university admission. With the second national prize and 8.5 IELTS, The Minh will apply for direct admission to some majors of Hanoi University of Science and Technology – the school he wants to attend.


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