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More major cities in China blockade

Number of infections Covid-19 new in Shanghai again set a record on April 13, after 2 days there was a downward trend, increasing the worry that the blockade time would be prolonged.

Before that, the government had relaxed lockdown by dividing residential areas into 3 groups corresponding to 3 levels of travel restrictions: high risk (blockade zone), medium risk (control zone) and low risk (precautionary zone).

An area with no cases for a week will be recorded as a “control zone”, with no cases for two weeks will become a “precautionary zone”. According to China Daily, people in 7,565 “precautionary zones” have been able to leave their homes since April 11, but are still advised to limit movement and avoid non-essential outdoor activities.

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Shanghai has entered the 3rd week of lockdown


Shanghai is the epicenter of the most serious outbreak of the disease China since Covid-19 appeared in Wuhan. The city has entered the third week of blockade, with more than a week of blockade of the whole city.

Policy Strict anti-epidemic in an urban area of ​​25 million people has led to angry reactions from many people when they cannot buy food, cannot receive medical treatment or are separated from their children. Authorities said they have taken many measures, such as building an inter-provincial distribution network, establishing transfer stations and increasing freight vehicles, to ensure the supply of goods in Shanghai.

Many other localities of China have also increased their anti-epidemic level. Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, became the next major metropolis to impose a blockade policy from April 11, even though it has only recorded 61 infections.

Humorously holding a fish’s mouth to take samples for Covid-19 testing when China thoroughly fights the epidemic

Although it has not yet “detained” people like Shanghai, Guangzhou has tried to control the virus from the beginning, similar to the way of Shenzhen, another large city in Guangdong. In March, Shenzhen quickly controlled the epidemic by locking down the entire city for a week even when there were only a few infections.

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