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My husband went to export for 3 years and brought back 20 million, I opened my pocket and immediately knelt down to thank him

My husband and I studied at the same university. After dating for 3 years, we decided to get married. Because we only attended a top 2 school, after graduating we also struggled forever to find a decent job. At that time, my husband worked as a salesman with a monthly salary of 4-5 million, only 6 million at most. While at home, there were elderly parents and young children, thinking it was too boring, so he decided to go to Japan, hoping for a better future.

When he said he was planning to go, I was also very scared, because he would go for 4 years, if I wait, I will be too old, but if I get married, how will I live at my husband’s house when he is not at home. In the end, the two of you still got married, and I plan to learn the language after you come over to join him.

That’s the calculation, but when he was gone for 2 months, I found out I was pregnant, all plans for the future fell apart, at that time I cried a lot. Not only because I am sorry that my husband is not around, but also because my husband’s family situation is complicated, my parents-in-law don’t love me, so going to Japan is the solution to help me free, now I have at least my children. had to stay at home for 2 years, so it was considered impossible to go anywhere.

My husband went to export for 3 years and brought back 20 million, I opened my pocket and immediately knelt down to thank him - 1

He had just been gone for 2 months and I found out I was pregnant. Illustration

When I was pregnant, I still worked as a worker in an industrial park near my home. The commute was very long. I worked overtime every day until 8-9am. When I got home, I was exhausted, but when my parents-in-law saw me lying down, they told me that I could only eat at home, not loving my husband who was far away.

After a while, my grandparents told me to work from home and they were all servants, so they decided to let me eat alone and not cook for me anymore. I was in the morning, she still forced me to go home to work to do laundry for the whole family, the house was crowded, so every day after washing it was 10-11pm, I almost had no time to rest.

Many people will wonder why I didn’t tell my husband, I have said it many times, but he just comforted me, told me to be filial to my parents. I couldn’t go back to my grandmother because my parents went to work in Saigon, now there is no one at home in the countryside.

At first, when he left, he sent money back to his grandparents so that they could pay off the loan to take care of him over there. Although every time I send money back to my husband, my husband always tells me to give him some money to spend, but she dismisses it and tells me to stay at home to work and earn nothing to spend, no need to give more. In fact, my monthly salary is 6 million, I gave her 3 million money called food, house, electricity and water… So I only have 3 million left to do personal shopping and take care of my children.

After almost 2 years, when I finished paying off all my debts, my husband didn’t send any more money, he told his parents that the work here is difficult, I called my husband many times to confide, but he only said a few sentences and then reported again. busy at work. Many times when I feel sorry for myself, I can only hug my child and cry, I blame my fate for being so miserable, my parents are scrutinizing everything, my husband doesn’t even have a question. Sometimes I even suspect that he has someone else there, otherwise why is he always busy but the money is not sent back as much as before.

That torment finally stopped when my husband decided to go home, he told me he didn’t want me to stay home and feel lonely anymore. I thought I was happy, who would have thought that when he returned, he only brought back 20 million, my husband also gave it to my parents-in-law to keep, I lived without a husband for 4 years in exchange for not getting 1 cent and still being cursed. . Anyone who says I’m pragmatic I accept, my husband went to earn capital to return to business, now I can’t think about it when I come back empty-handed.

My husband went to export for 3 years and brought back 20 million, I opened my pocket and immediately knelt down to thank him - 3

I told my husband many times but he just comforted it. Illustration.

That afternoon, my parents happily invited my neighbors to have a party, eat and drink, just me and my child alone in the house – I was so used to eating separately that the parties at my husband’s house didn’t come my turn. I appear.

When I was holding the baby in my room, my husband came in, since he got back we didn’t have a chance to talk privately, just closed the door my husband hugged my wife and children in his arms, he cried while apologizing for making me suffer. office for the past 4 years. At the same time, my husband gave me a shirt, when I opened the pocket in the shirt, I was so surprised that tears fell, my legs fell.

It turned out that a long time ago he made a savings book in my name, in which was all the money he had saved, including the money he worked overtime, totaling up to 3 billion. The more I look at him, the more I love him, to get this money I also understand that he had to work very hard.

He took my hand and said from now on he would ask his parents to live separately to make up for me. Since then, my husband and I have moved to Saigon to work to be close to my biological parents, I also gave birth to another baby to make it easy enough, sometimes we still visit our grandparents, but we just stop by. go now.

I don’t know if my husband’s parents are also sorry, but in recent years I have seen that the two of them have changed and are happier with me. Now I don’t expect my grandparents to be good to me anymore, for me now this life is too perfect, I have no hope anymore.

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