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New points of university and college admission regulations in 2022


The Draft Regulation consists of 4 chapters and 27 articles – stipulating principles, requirements, standards, processes, powers and responsibilities of stakeholders in the work. College entrance and college enrollment in Early Childhood Education for various forms of training; specific regulations on the organization of examinations in service of enrollment conducted by training institutions and on admission for formal training.

This year’s draft university admission regulation has some new points has been previously informed by the Ministry of Education and Training such as: Virtual filtering of all recruitment methods in the first time; apply for admission after knowing the high school graduation exam scores; the addition of the new recruitment method and combination must have a reasonable basis and schedule, not as the norm of the method, the combination used in the previous year must reduce by more than 30% of the target of the industry, training program…

In addition, the draft supplements regulations on organization of early registration and admission. Specifically: The training institution plans to consider early admission for a number of enrollment methods and organizes for candidates to apply online or in person at the training institution.

The training institution conducts the admission process for candidates who have completed the application procedure, but may not require candidates to confirm their admission earlier than the generally planned schedule. The training institution publishes and uploads the list of eligible candidates for admission (except for high school graduation requirements) to the system to process requests along with other admission methods according to the general plan, complete completed before the high school graduation exam.

Candidates who have applied for admission to the training institution according to the early enrollment plan, then must continue to register their aspirations on the system according to the general plan of the Ministry of Education and Training.

In case a candidate has been notified by the training institution that he or she is eligible for admission (except for high school graduation requirements) of a certain aspiration, the candidate will decide on his/her own to place the order of priority when applying on the website. system (depending on whether the candidate wants to be recognized as a candidate for admission or if he wants to expand his chances of being admitted to another aspiration).

The draft regulation on admission to universities and colleges in early childhood education in 2022 has new points such as a one-time general admission plan, no early admission confirmation, adjustment of regional priority points, etc.

In case candidates are not eligible to enroll in a desired training course, candidates can still register for that training by other enrollment methods on the system.

Regarding the notification of results and admission confirmation, the draft regulation, the training institution sends a notice to the admitted candidates, clearly stating the necessary procedures for the candidate upon admission and student admission method.

The admission confirmation must be done by online form on the system. In case the training institution stipulates that candidates confirm their admission in another form (by post or in person at the training institution or it can be combined in the admission process), the training institution must perform the following procedures: perform the admission confirmation for candidates on the system.

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For candidates who do not confirm admission within the prescribed time limit: If there is no valid reason, the candidate will be considered as refusing admission and the training institution has the right to refuse to accept it.

If due to illness or accident, with a certificate from a hospital of a district or higher, or a natural disaster certified by the People’s Committee of the district or higher, the training institution considers and decides to accept the candidate for admission. reserve the enrollment results for candidates to study later.

If it is caused by an error or mistake of an individual, an organization performing the enrollment work or an individual candidate, the training institution shall actively coordinate with relevant individuals and organizations to review the evidence and decide on the admission of candidates to the school or reserve the enrollment results for the candidates to enter later.

Candidates who have confirmed their admission at a training institution are not allowed to participate in the examination elsewhere or in additional examinations, unless permitted by the training institution.

In the draft regulation, the Ministry of Education and Training is also expected to keep the regional priority score. Specifically, the priority plus point level remains unchanged (region 1 (KV1) is 0.75 point, rural area 2 (KV2-NT) is 0.5 point and area 2 (KV2) is 0.25 point. ).

However, the regional priority plus only applies to this year’s high school (or intermediate) graduates. For candidates who have graduated from high school in previous years, when taking the exam again to get the results of university and college entrance exams, regional priority points will not be calculated. This is a narrower point compared to the university and college enrollment regulations in 2021.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Director of the Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education and Training, said that the new adjustments in the 2022 enrollment regulations are in the direction that is most beneficial to candidates and ensures fairness in admissions. Candidates should not worry, instead need to concentrate intensely for the high school graduation exam. You determine according to which method of enrollment, then persistently pursue.

The Ministry of Education and Training will provide guidance on the most favorable application process. The ministry will have specific instructions in writing and video. At the same time, the Ministry also organizes practice on the system to guide students, universities and high schools support them in the enrollment process. Every year the contestants did and there were no mistakes.

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