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Parents are confused, the school tries to convince

At Hoa Binh Primary School (District 1), Ms. Tong Thi Mai Huong, Vice Principal, said that the school is still updating student information daily on the vaccination data portal, and at the same time instructing teachers and staff to School about safe vaccination…

Vaccination for children 5-11 years old in Ho Chi Minh City: Parents are confused, the school tries to convince - 1

Hoa Binh Primary School. (Photo: Mai Cat)

The school also disseminates the benefits of preventive vaccines COVID-19 for parents to understand so that they can decide to have their children vaccinated. Up to now, the percentage of parents of the school agreeing to have their children vaccinated COVID-19 vaccine just over 50%.

Specifically, the whole school has 931 students, but only 482 students have been approved by their parents (data updated to April 13). Before, in the first round of registration, the whole school had 610/931 students who were registered by their parents, but then this number decreased.

“They may be concerned at first, but later knowing the benefits of vaccines to prevent disease, the consensus rate will be higher.”Ms. Huong said.

According to Ms. Dang Khoa Linh Lan, health officer of Hoa Binh Primary School, although the school has fully informed about the effects, injection plan, number of injections, which type of vaccine, vaccination procedure for each homeroom teacher to disseminate to the parents of each class, but many parents still disagree or are hesitant to have their children vaccinated.

The reason parents gave was concern about health Their children are too young to be vaccinated while the vaccine is new, they are afraid of what will happen after the injection. There are many parents who are worried about getting sick after the injection, so they wait for the first round to register for the second round. There are also many people who read unorthodox information about vaccines on websites and then fear not to give their children the shot. Or many students are already F0 so parents think that injections are not needed anymore. In addition, some students have underlying diseases, so parents do not register for injections.”Ms. Lan said.

According to the Vice Principal of Hoa Binh Primary School, the school is also continuing to advocate and persuade parents to understand that vaccines can prevent disease even if it does not provide 100% protection, parents who do not understand about vaccines can call the ministry. school health department for answers.

Vaccination for children 5-11 years old in Ho Chi Minh City: Parents are confused, the school tries to convince - 2

Students of Hoa Binh Primary School do extracurricular activities. (Photo: Mai Cat)

Pham Trung Huu, Principal of Pham Van Hai Primary School (Binh Chanh District), said that by the end of February 27, the school had completed a survey of parents’ opinions on COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 5-11. Survey results show that about 85% of parents agree to vaccinate their children.

Specifically, the whole school has 1,635 students, of which 1,391 students have parental consent to register for COVID-19 vaccination.

However, through consultation, many parents are also very eager to have their children vaccinated against COVID-19. I am happy that Ho Chi Minh City prepares children of this age to be vaccinated”said Mr. Huu.

At Nguyen Du Secondary School (District 1), Ms. Le Thi Quy Thuc, Vice Principal, said that when the school consulted parents about giving their children the COVID-19 vaccine, many parents were confused and hesitant to decide. intend to register your child.

Grade 6 currently has only nearly 80 students registered by their parents out of 170 students. In which, 13 children who are full 12 years old have been vaccinated in the previous phase (the injection for children 12 – 17 years old). With this figure, the percentage of parents agreeing to vaccinate their children is only close to 50%.

Actually, parental consent is not much, parents are very worried and concerned. Even the parents of grades 7, 8, 9 do not agree, at school there are some parents of these grades who do not give their children injections. The school has fully informed about the benefits of vaccines, the organization of safe before and after vaccination, also tries to encourage parents to send their children to get vaccinated, but the final decision is up to the parents, the school convinces in spirit. Voluntary”Ms. Thuc said.

According to Ms. Thuc, in addition to parents’ concerns and concerns, the lack of identifiers is also causing delays in vaccination registration. Of the nearly 80 children registered by their parents, the school has now entered more than 60 students into the system, the remaining students have not yet entered the data due to the lack of identifiers, the school is waiting for parents to provide.

Vaccination for children 5-11 years old in Ho Chi Minh City: Parents are confused, the school tries to convince - 3

HCM City students get vaccinated against COVID-19 at the end of October 2021.

Mr. Ngo Van Tuyen, Head of Education Department of Binh Tan District, said that in the whole district, there are 70,690 students aged 5-11, of which 64,193 students have parental consent for vaccination. The rate reached 90%, the rest of the schools continued to propagate and persuade.

The People’s Committee of Binh Tan District has just held a meeting to assign work to schools to deploy vaccines for children. The preparation work has been completed, just waiting for implementation. But the current problem is getting the child’s identifier to enter vaccination information, currently the district has only obtained 56,188/70.690 students, the remaining about 18,000 students do not have an identifier.

“The current difficulty is the lack of identifiers. Schools have to ask parents to go to their localities to get identification codes for their children. The district is also directing the ward People’s Committee to support people in this”Mr. Tuyen said.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training, it is expected that on April 16, the city will start injecting a vaccine against COVID-19 for children aged 5-11. The city strives to complete it in September 2022.

The expected number of injections is 898,537 children, of which 885,730 children go to school and 12,807 children are cared for in social protection establishments, children have not yet attended school.

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