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Pho Thin Lo Duc – The ‘string’ connecting the modern and the traditional

Summer tea, autumn nuggets, winter to sip a few pillow cakes… only pho is available in every season. Because “Pho is a special gift of Hanoi, not only in Hanoi, but because it is delicious only in Hanoi” – Thach Lam.

Lo Duc Thin Pho - The 'string' connecting the modern and the traditional - 1

Pho is a special gift of Hanoi.

The difficult knot to connect between modern and traditional

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the development of the new era, long-standing traditional brands seem to split into two directions: developing without direction, then saturating and disappearing, or staying at their original origin, but cannot reach and assert. This is a situation that is easy to understand, but difficult to accept.

Most families with traditional occupations are not able to develop their businesses, because they themselves have spent their whole lives devoted to and creating what is called “culture”. Creating is difficult, maintaining and developing is even more difficult. This is like a difficult knot that is almost impossible to untie

Pho Thin Lo Duc – remove the “right person, right time” button

Through the process of cultivating since 1979, Pho Thin Lo Duc has experienced countless ups and downs and difficulties. From the past, these were the difficulties of good business and trade to earn the shared profit of a large family; Nowadays, it’s the story of the hustle and bustle of competition in the 21st century, when it’s not enough to make a delicious bowl of pho and a different taste.… those are just the “need” factors.

Lo Duc Thin Pho - The 'string' connecting the modern and the traditional - 2

Pho Thin 13 Lo Duc is featured with rare beef noodle soup.

In order for a delicious bowl of pho to become a brand, a prominent identity point to reach its worthy value, many other factors must also be converged: the story of building, shaping and affirming the value. traditional values ​​with the “rounded” and proper development steps of a traditional brand.

From 2021, pho lovers across the country will witness the impressive transformation of Pho Thin, with a series of changes, many new establishments, and a way of branding to spread that unique culinary flavor. .

One by one, stores bearing the brand name Pho Thin Lo Duc were born, typically the brand’s model base in Hai Duong City and a venue for domestic and international cultural exchanges, the International Convention Center with famous brands. Interesting change in store design.

These new facilities surprise diners with a completely new look, more luxurious and professional, with synchronous services and facilities, attentive to every detail.

Lo Duc Thin Pho - The 'string' connecting the modern and the traditional - 3

Mr. Nguyen Trong Thin, the “birth” of the Pho Thin 13 Lo Duc brand at the International Convention Center.

However, we still clearly see that the brand’s development is always cautious and “moderate”. We do not see the massive, rampant as some brands are saturated with the trend of the times, instead, there is a slow, sure affirmation in the sustainable development strategy. In economics, we have an “equilibrium point” which is the balance of supply and demand.

For Pho Thin Lo Duc, it can be said that the brand’s changing orientation is towards the “equilibrium point” between the two directions of traditional brands in Vietnam: Developing and reaching out with the moderation of the orientations. .

Lo Duc Thin Pho - The 'string' connecting the modern and the traditional - 4

The space has neoclassical colors and the connection between generations creates a quintessential beauty bearing the bold imprint of each bowl of Pho Thin.

In the past, we knew Pho Thin thanks to the difference in taste, but today, the pho brand that has existed for more than 40 years in the capital is positioned thanks to the cultural values ​​that transform properly and are permanent. and sustainable.

This is not only a pho shop like many other shops, but also a national expectation of preserving the cultural values ​​of Hanoi pho lovers.

Pho Thin, through the process of transformation and development in the past 2 years, has shown a typical connection of the link between the development trend of modern society and traditional cuisine. This is how a traditional Vietnamese dish becomes permanent and sustainable; In the midst of a chaotic society with many hybrids.

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