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Russia accuses Ukrainian helicopters of attacking people’s houses near the border in Russian territory

Russia accuses Ukrainian helicopters of attacking people's houses near the border in Russian territory - Photo 1.

Screenshot from a video on social media of the aftermath of a shelling attack in Klimovo, Bryansk region, Russia said was made by Ukraine – Photo: RT

According to Reuters news agency, this is the latest in a series of attacks that Russia says Ukraine has carried out to sabotage and provoke it.

Russian broadcaster RT said the first attack occurred in Klimovo, in the Bryansk region, about 10km north of the border. Governor Aleksandr Bogomaz said Ukrainian military bullets hit residential buildings.

Locals said they heard three explosions. Video from the scene showed thick black smoke rising into the air. Local officials said two buildings caught fire after the attack, but were cleared by firefighters.

The RIA news agency reported that a health ministry official said two people were seriously injured.

“On April 14, 2022, using two combat helicopters armed with heavy attack weapons, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Russia’s investigative agency said in a statement. illegally entered the airspace of the Russian Federation”.

“Flying at low altitude, they carried out at least six airstrikes on residential buildings in the village of Klimovo,” the statement said, confirming that six buildings were damaged and seven people were injured, including one. pregnant woman and 1 child.

TASS news agency reported that the Bryansk region government had closed schools because of fears of further attacks.

The second attack targeted the Novye Yurkovichi checkpoint, about 40km southwest of Klimovo, according to a statement by the local border branch of Russia’s FSB security service.

The FSB report said mortar fire from Ukrainian territory occurred at a time when a group of refugees from Ukraine were crossing the border. Two vehicles were damaged, but there were no casualties. The border guard statement said the shooting site had been “suppressed”.

The governor of the Belgorod region said a local village was also hit, but no one was injured.

Earlier on the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry warned that the continued “sabotage and attack” by Ukrainian forces could force Russia to retaliate against Ukraine’s decision-making centers, including Kiev.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry did not comment on Russia’s accusations.

Authorities in four regions bordering Russia’s Ukraine and in Crimea announced they were increasing security measures because of so-called “probable provocations” from Ukraine.

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