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Scheffler cried in confusion before winning the Masters

AmericaNew Masters champion Scottie Scheffler burst into tears while waiting for the final round on April 10.

The closing match, Scheffler started at 14:50. Compared to the top position of the PGA Tour’s regular tournament table, this entry time is an hour behind. Scheffler is holding the opportunity to win a career breakthrough title when leading the Masters with a -9 point and a three-stroke advantage. And despite many last starts on the PGA Tour, this time Scheffler lost control of his emotions, due to having to wait longer in a spinning mind.

“I burst into tears, like a baby because I couldn’t stand the pressure. I didn’t know what to do. I told my wife, ‘Meredith, you don’t seem ready for this. Your mind is in a mess,'” Scheffler said. above Golf Channel after the Masters coronation.

Meredith smiles happily after Scheffler won the Masters on April 10.  Photo: AFP

Meredith smiles happily after Scheffler won the Masters on April 10. Image: AFP

When he was on the University of Texas golf team, Scheffler twice attended the major US Open, each time suffering from indigestion more than a week before the tournament. At Augusta National, the 25-year-old American player had abdominal pain since the second round. After the third round, Scheffler ate dinner in the yard and vomited on the floor of the car on the way home. “I can’t explain things like that. But I got used to it because I got used to it,” he said.

But Meredith knew how to “clear” the problem for Scheffler. They loved each other since students and then got married at the end of 2020. Before serving a full breakfast, Meredith confided to her husband. “My wife said, ‘Who are you and say you’re not ready right now? Who are you to know what’s best for your life?’ So we agreed that God is in control. He’s leading. And that day was an opportunity for me,” Scheffler said.

Thanks to his wife’s comfort and encouragement, Scheffler was relieved and completely stopped worrying when he entered the yard. He went up to -12 after 17 holes, then came back to -10 with a double bogey on the 18th hole par4. This hole, the American golfer lost four strokes, after hitting the rough on the right of the fairway and then onto the green in the second shot.

When Scheffler closed the 18th hole, the first putt was 12.5 meters away, and the next two shots were up to a meter but both rolled to the left of the hole. He smiled wryly after failing the second time and then it took a while to enter the fourth putt, about 0.9 meters away. This time, he succeeded and smiled triumphantly at the caddie.

Even with the last four putts, adding only one point for the whole game, Scheffler was still three shots away from runner-up Rory McIlroy. McIlroy finished first at -7.

Scheffler put on a green jacket and held an Augusta National club trophy in sterling silver, carrying $2.7 million. With the Masters result, Scheffler won the major for the first time, winning the PGA Tour for the fourth time. All four of these victories came in just 57 days, the fastest in the history of the American First Class golf arena. Scheffler was crowned world number one on March 28, right after his third title – WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play.

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