Showing off the spending table of more than 16 million/month, the young wife is criticized by netizens

Many people can’t help but be curious about the unusual point in Ms. PA’s spending table

The problem of spending in family It is still a problem for many women. The whole month’s salary, husband and wife, buying a few things are included in the calculation. But the money is still flying around, not saving any money.

Referring to the issue of family spending, recently a young wife named CPA shared her family’s spending table online. Accordingly, Ms. PA complained:

“The couple who have been married for almost 3 years do not have to rent a house, have no hometown, but still cannot get rich.”

Attached to that, this woman sent a monthly spending table of her family of 4 adults and 1 child with an expenditure of about 16,500 million VND, not including additional appendices.

The post immediately received great attention, especially from the sisters because this spending figure is not small.

Showing off his spending table of more than 16 million/month, the young wife was aloof by netizens-1
Noticeable monthly spending table.

“Monthly need:

1. Living: 2 million VND

2. Electricity and water; 1.5 million won

3. Fat: 3 million

4. Gasoline for food and drink: 3 million (couple)

5. Generated: 1 million (for funerals, outings)

6. Life insurance: 2-4 million VND

7. Account: 1 million VND

8. Cosmetics, clothes: 1 million VND

Total: 16,500 million dong

Additional: Fresh milk for Fat: 250k/carton

Vaccine fee: 500 – 1.5 million (depending on the prompt)”.

Reading the table of expenses of PA’s family with her sharing, many other mothers also talked about the dilemma of financial management.

“I’m here at my grandmother’s house, eating, drinking, and taking care of the package, but I still don’t have any money left over.”

“If you have enough food to eat, you’re lucky. This is my family, my husband works 30 million a month, but he still doesn’t have a thousand left over. Eating and living, spending all his money, so he just wants to be healthy and do enough. It’s okay to eat.”

“It’s good to have enough to eat, enough to wear, to be healthy, not to get sick, to have a happy family. It’s okay to be rich, it’s okay not to be rich.”

“Your family uses so little. My family saves a lot, but every month it’s 25 million.”

“Sometimes a month when my family is 30-40 million, I don’t see any surplus. That’s how you spend it.”

Showing off his spending table of more than 16 million/month, the young wife was aloof by netizens-2

However, besides lamenting comments about spending and saving in the house, many people are curious about the unusual point in the spending table.

Specifically, Ms. PA shared that she is not rich because she does not have any money, but has a separate expenditure for “life insurance”. This capital is considered a form of long-term accumulation investment for the future.

“If you pay 3-4 million a month for life insurance, then it’s considered a savings, right?”

“If you have 2 to 4 million to pay insurance, what’s the point?”

“I see that this friend and his wife are not saving money”.

“The other insurance money is extra money, sister. Even though you’ve lost money now, you can consider it as a savings account, it won’t cost anything.”

After listening to many people’s questions, Ms. PA spoke up to answer all questions.

“Long-term accumulation is certain. What about short-term accumulation and arising, you should not worry. Besides, the poorer you are, the better you should use insurance.” she says.

This sister-in-law’s explanation made many people nod in agreement. Then I see how to be smart enough for a warm family and still save money for self-defense is not an easy thing.

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