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South Africa: 306 dead in ‘dark moment of history’

Heavy rains and floods have devastated the east coast of South Africa, killing at least 306 people and destroying roads and homes, local authorities said.

The KwaZulu-Natal provincial government, South Africa, described it as “one of the darkest moments in the history” of the province, sending condolences to the families of the victims and praising the rescue and evacuation efforts. nonstop.

Floods hit KwaZulu-Natal province, where the coastal city of Durban is located. Roads were cracked and many containers were submerged in mud. A bridge near Durban was swept away, leaving people stranded at both ends.

South Africa: 306 people died in a dark moment of history - Photo 1.

A damaged road near Durban on April 13. Photo: Shutterstock

South Africa: 306 people died in a dark moment in history - Photo 2.

Heavy rains and floods damage homes in Durban on April 12. Photo: Reuters

KwaZulu-Natal recorded the highest amount of rain since February this year caused by bad storms. The provincial government is in contact with the government for timely relief work. Residents living in areas prone to landslides and floods have been evacuated.

Durban mayor Mxolisi Kaunda said that power plants were flooded making them inaccessible, while water supplies were also damaged. The locality is asking private and religious organizations to assist in the emergency relief operation and is asking the South African military to send planes to help.

Several months ago, heavy rains and floods also devastated many other parts of South Africa. In just six weeks since late January, three tornadoes and two tropical storms have killed at least 230 people and affected 1 million.

Scientists warn that climate change could cause extreme weather conditions. In Southeast Africa, a warming of 2 degrees Celsius is predicted to increase the frequency and intensity of heavy rains and floods as well as cyclones.

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