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Summer eye care measures

In the summer, our eyes are vulnerable to high temperatures and constantly changing weather accompanied by prolonged hot sun. Eye problems that can start this season include dry eye disease, eye allergies, styes, conjunctivitis, pterygium, and increased risk of cataracts due to high exposure to UV radiation.

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To protect and take care of your eyes in the summer, you can refer to the following measures:

Wear a hat and glasses

Glasses help prevent evaporation of tear film, avoid dust and reduce symptoms of dry eyes as well as eye allergies. Caps or wide-brimmed hats also aid in protecting the skin and eyes from UV exposure.

Hand hygiene

Various allergic diseases and infections appear more and more in the summer. Especially as children increase their outdoor activities during summer vacation, it is extremely important to wash hands and face regularly to prevent eye diseases.

Wear goggles when swimming

Water in swimming pools often has a high concentration of chlorine. So, protect your eyes from the harmful effects of chlorine by wearing protective goggles while swimming.

Use lubricating eye drops

Lubricated eyes can help reduce dry eyes and eye irritation in the summer. People with dry eye symptoms should see an ophthalmologist for an appropriate prescription after a thorough eye exam.

Regime nutrition full and keep enough water

Fruits and vegetables with high levels of antioxidants and carotenoids such as berries, oranges, papaya, carrots, etc. will prevent the oxidative reaction caused by UV rays and maintain healthy eyes. In addition, you should also drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration in the summer.

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