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The article describes the uncle’s uncle ‘super real’, the words are witty but ‘disguised’ continuously

April 15, 2022 06:37 GMT+7

The elementary school student’s essay made netizens laugh.

Descriptive writing is one of the compulsory requirements in the Vietnamese curriculum for primary school students. Along with the beautiful, witty and creative writings, there are many times that netizens have to crawl and laugh when reading the children’s “super products”.

Recently, on social networks, a descriptive essay about a family member of an elementary school student has made netizens laugh. This child chose to describe her biological uncle.

The article describes the uncle's uncle 'super real', the words are witty but 'disguised' continuously
The article describing the ‘super realistic’ uncle made the online community excited.

At the beginning of the essay, the first line about the student’s uncle surprised the reader: “I would like to tell about my uncle, 36 years old this year. I have a rectangular shape like a refrigerator.”

After the introduction, this child continued to tell his uncle’s daily activities. He worked very hard to exercise because he believed that he had to be healthy in order for “students to eat onions”. When he comes home from work, he often plays video games on the computer.

“My uncle often shows me photos and movies made by students. I see it as good as the movies. Uncle said: These brothers and sisters often come up with strange things!”students describe.

Besides, this student also wants to go to the school he is teaching in the future, because there is a good learning environment here.

He loved that school, but the boy did not expect his uncle to teach him directly in the future. “Because my uncle gives me a lot of homework. Every day I see my uncle urging my brothers and sisters to submit their assignments, if you don’t study, you will fail the subject immediately‘, this child wrote.

The above article quickly received great attention from netizens. With such an innocent and innocent voice, the child had a “true” description, but somewhat “disguised” his uncle. However, everyone can feel the cuteness of the little one, especially the love he has for his uncle.


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