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The female judo athlete went missing after returning home

On April 14, Mr. Nguyen Van Phien (residing in Dong Hai ward, Thanh Hoa city, Thanh Hoa province) said that his family has now reported to Thanh Hoa City Police to search for his daughter, Nguyen Thi Hong. 18 years old) has been missing for almost a month.

The National Judo female athlete returned home to visit and mysteriously disappeared - Photo 1.

Mr. Phien said that from a young age, Hong was passionate about sports. Since the 5th grade, this girl has started studying Judo. Two years ago, Hong moved to the National Training Center in Hanoi to study both culture and Judo martial arts.

After many years of practice and competition, Hong has won 10 medals, including 2 silver medals in National Judo tournaments.

On March 18, Hong from the National Judo team returned to his hometown to visit his parents.

On March 21, right on the opening day of the National Judo Club Championship 2022, Hong told her parents that she had back pain, asked for permission to go to Hanoi for a checkup, and would return in the afternoon.

In the evening, when his son did not return, Phien’s family tried to contact him through his phone number, but he could not. His family then tried to contact and search for his daughter in many places but to no avail.

According to Mr. Phien, before that, the family saw that the daughter’s mentality was normal, there was no other expression of sadness. Currently, his family is very worried and afraid that his daughter has been kidnapped.

We called the phone but it didn’t work. Since then, my phone and Facebook account have been unreachable“, said Mr. Phien.

It is known that now, Mr. Phien’s family has searched Hanoi to the hospital where the child is examined, the school where his daughter attends and other places to search but still no results.

Currently City Police. Thanh Hoa has issued a notice with a photo of the Hong girl to ask everyone to help find and provide information.

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