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The groom acted surprised with the bridesmaids in the wedding room, what happened after that was full of surprises

According to page 163, Tieu Vu in China is inherently liberal, absent-minded at times, but extremely gentle in nature, and treats his girlfriend Duong Duong very well. After dating, Tieu Vu and Duong Duong decided to hold a wedding on April 11.

Knowing the groom’s weaknesses, the bridesmaids prepared a lot of challenging questions for him, if he couldn’t answer, he was forced to “plant a banana tree” to go to the wedding room. Tang Tang’s bride impatiently sat in the wedding room, texting the bridesmaids not to make it difficult for the groom so he could come in and see her.

Despite being tortured up and down the field, the groom and the best man group eventually overcame all the challenges. Right after that, the groom rushed into the wedding room, shouting: “Wife, here I come!”.

Hearing the groom’s voice, the bride happily replied, “I’m here. You’re so good, come in here.”

The groom acted in surprise with the bridesmaids in the wedding room, what happened after that was full of surprises - 1

The groom hastily hugged the wrong bridesmaid, causing the bride to “flash out”.

Perhaps because he ran too fast and didn’t look closely, the groom inertia hugged the person sitting on the bed, even wanting to kiss him on the lips. Fortunately, he realized in time that the person he had just hugged was the bridesmaid. The groom’s actions made the bride stunned, angrily shouting: “What are you doing?”.

At this time, the groom sat up in panic, before he could do anything, the angry bride rushed to give him a painful slap, and continuously kicked him and scolded: “Married without knowing how to keep your mind. Why not How decent is that?”

Meanwhile, the bridesmaids were also embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, and the bride’s mother was not beside her with her arms crossed, shaking her head in disgust. The groom hurriedly explained to the bride that he didn’t think anyone other than the bride was sitting on the bed, so the mistake happened.

“You go to hell. My best friend ran in and out to arrange for my wedding, so she broke her leg. I told her to sit on the bed and rest for a bit. You see if its leg is swollen. good job, doing things that make everyone embarrassed”, the bride still hasn’t calmed down.

The groom quickly admitted his mistake, promising to give up his childish haste. Before the groom’s remorse, the bride decided to skip it and continue with him to complete the wedding ceremonies.

Unlike Tang Tang, the bride at a wedding in Shaoxing, Zhejiang (China) had an unbelievable reaction when she saw the groom hugging and kissing the bridesmaids. Specifically, the groom must overcome the blindfold challenge and find the bride standing among the bridesmaids.

To “make it difficult” for the groom, people let the bridesmaids stand in front of the bride. Unexpectedly, the groom actually mistakenly recognized a girl in the bridesmaids as his bride. The groom, completely unaware that he made the wrong choice, immediately hugged the other bridesmaid. Seeing everyone cheering and laughing loudly, the groom was even more sure that he had found the right bride, so he did not hesitate to give a passionate kiss.

The bridesmaid at this time was quite shocked but did not resist, just forced a smile. The bride witnessed the whole process, seeing with her own eyes the groom hugging and kissing the bridesmaid, but not a bit angry or jealous, on the contrary, laughed and joked along very happily.

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