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The news that many corporate leaders were arrested did not shock the market

Expert economy Dinh Trong Thinh analyzed that the fact that the chairman of a corporation was arrested did not shock the market, because it is no longer a new and strange thing in Vietnam for many corporate leaders to get involved in the labor cycle. Previously, many leaders of large corporations and corporations were arrested and in fact that business was still operating normally, even better than before, commitments with customers were still fully implemented.

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Market real estate are less affected by information that leaders of enterprises have labor problems. (Illustrated image).

Whoever makes a mistake will have to bear it, the market may fluctuate slightly but will stabilize quickly. The most important issue is that the business must respect the law. For customers, investors may not be able to avoid anxiety, but it will pass quickly because the business will still ensure the interests of customers.“, Mr. Thinh emphasized.

The leader of a real estate business (anonymously) also shared that, in an enterprise, the head is just an individual with the largest investment capital. In addition, there are still other shareholders, who have the right to decide according to the proportion of share capital held.

Therefore, if the management of the enterprise has problems with labor, other shareholders will continue to operate and develop according to the capabilities and capabilities of the enterprise.

And according to GS. Dang Hung Vo, the market may shake to a certain extent. Investors and businesses may be hesitant to invest. However, in the long run, the market will definitely be better.

People will be more hesitant in seeking a decent profit, rather than deliberately trying to circumvent the law or blatantly “break words” in the law for self-interest. The economy wants to develop sustainably, it needs serious investors, not those who take advantage of legal loopholes, using one trick or another to make profit. It is necessary to remove from the market individuals who use all means to get rich, because they do not think about the common interests of the country but only want to gain personal benefits.“, GS. Dang Hung Vo frankly said.

According to Mr. Vo, the market has been manipulated by some individuals, causing disturbances in recent times. For example, after winning a record-high land auction in Thu Thiem, land prices in many neighboring areas of Thu Thiem in particular and Ho Chi Minh City have been pushed to a new price level. But when Tan Hoang Minh dropped the stake, the land price immediately dropped.

The price push, the price fever is too high, partly due to the market jamming behavior. The market stabilization is therefore an inevitable need. If not handled strongly, it will continue to be the consequences of inflation, currency crisis, financial crisis or the worst economic crisis.“, said Mr. Vo.

According to experts, real estate businesses, like other fields, need a team of entrepreneurs for the national interest before taking into account their own interests. The recent cases of handling a few real estate “giants” will be a great lesson for other entrepreneurs.

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